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Jins entire gene line are born fighters. Ryu mad have the dark hadou but if we really want to put Evil Ryu against Devil Jin it's like putting a possessed individual against a DEVIL. Jin Kazama has this.

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Ryu vs Ironfist in a martial arts battle

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If you have Void/Sentry, World War Hulk and Beta Ray bill then it isn't really balanced. It would be better to just say the Earths Mightiest Heros Avengers vs The original Justice League that way it's balanced. Superman, Batman,Flash, Wonderwomen, Green Lantern, Martian manhunter Vs Cap. American, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Hank Pym, Ms Marvel. It's true that Superman, MM, Flash, Green Lantern and Batman are badass. But that's because everyone knows about them. Hulks triumphs dating way back are on par with maybe even better then Supermans (example would be punching the space/continuum itself), Ms Marvel can absorb and use any form of energy (something not many people know), Everyone should know how powerful Thor is, ironman has constructed cosmic suits via tech to revival celestials (research them), hank Pym has grown to the extent of entering the realm of the Abstract Entitiies and even to meet eternity himself and be acknowledged as the scientist supreme above Rees Richards and ironman. Capt. America has a longer duration of knowledge via hand to hand combat then batman. So keeping this MINOR details in mind could you really say the fight is easily determined? Personally I think avengers should have this but it won't be easy.