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I'd posit that Wally West is the second fastest, with Barry Allan being the fastest, as Barry himself generates the Speed Force, the source from which Wally derives his abilities.

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Digital comics on a iPad with retina-display are superior in every respect: 1) they are visually sharper, 2) never deteriorate in quality, 3) have no creases through the middle of splash pages, 4) are infinitely more portable, 5) can never be lost, and 6) allow for new formats such as Infinite Comics.

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The following is an analysis of the different ways in which Marvel and DC approach digital comics. As you will see, in most respects it would be of benefit to comic readers for DC to adopt Marvel’s practices.

Release Time

DC releases their titles digitally at approximately 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time each Wednesday, while Marvel typically trails by ten to twelve hours.

Advantage: DC

Timed Exclusives

DC Digital firsts, in trying to cater to both the digital and print formats, compromises on both by being limited to the half page split. Marvel Infinite comics, conversely, take full advantage of the digital medium through novel use of swipes, panning, and other transitions.

Advantage: Marvel


DC typically reduces all their titles by a dollar one month after release. Marvel has themed sales every Monday and Friday with selected titles reduced to $.99.

Advantage: Marvel

Digital/Print combos

DC only releases select titles as digital combo packs for one dollar more than the standard price. These come in a plastic wrap and have their own uniquely colored cover. Many stores do not carry these, or do so only at special request. Readers who have converted primarily to digital are thus able only to support their local shops with select titles, and never able to spring for variant covers. Every major Marvel title includes a digital code at no additional cost, including variant covers. Readers who have converted to digital have no reason not to continue to support their local shop, essentially getting a free printout of all their Marvel comics.

Advantage: Marvel


DC codes are located at on the very last page of every issue, so that it’s possible to input the code without seeing any of the other pages first. Marvel comics place their codes towards the rear of each issue, often next to story pages, making it difficult to input the digital code without being exposed to spoilers.

Advantage: DC

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This New Avengers(Illuminati)(2013) team looks very powerful

-Iron Man

-Reed Richards

-Doctor Strange

- Black Panther

-Black Bolt

Thats one smart and skilled goup of people

New Avengers gets my vote as well.

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Jade could still be revealed as the biological daughter of Alan Scott (albeit almost certainly after James Robinson's departure from Earth-2, unless he too has "evolving" opinions on homosexuality).

  • Alan Scott could be revealed as bisexual.
  • Alan Scott could be revealed as just having gone through an experimental stage in his sexuality, with his natural orientation returning to heterosexuality.
  • Alan Scott could have a conversion experience, and subsequently either 1) "pray away the gay" or 2) maintain a homosexual orientation but engage exclusively in heterosexual intercourse within marriage from a moral conviction.

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A better roster of 24 characters would have been…

  1. Aquaman
  2. Bane
  3. Batman
  4. Black Adam
  5. Black Manta
  6. Blue Beatle
  7. Brainiac
  8. Captain Atom
  9. Cyborg
  10. Element Woman
  11. Firestorm
  12. Flash (Barry Allan)
  13. Green Arrow
  14. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
  15. Hawkman
  16. Martian Manhunter
  17. Powergirl
  18. Reverse-Flash
  19. Shazam
  20. Sinestro
  21. Starfire
  22. Star-Girl
  23. Superman
  24. Wonder Woman
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Here's my list from a previous thread...

  • Superman Squad
  • The Others
  • Shazam
  • Flex Mentallo
  • Dark Knight / Boy Wonder (continuing Frank Miller and Jim Lee's All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, now canon)
  • Green Lantern / Green Arrow (Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen traveling across America confronting social ills)
  • The Brave and the Bold (Hal Jordan and Barry Allan)
  • Denizens (a look at a world of superheroes through the eyes of ordinary individuals like Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane)
  • Krypton (Jor-El, Lara, Zod, Zor-El, Alura, Kara)
  • Adventure Comics (the teenage years of Clark Kent; not affiliated with the Smallville television show)
  • Lois and Clark (not based off the television show; recaptures the classic stories of Lois pining for Superman and ignoring Clark/trying to prove he's Superman)
  • Gotham PD (a nior crime comic)
  • Metropolis SCU (a sci-fi proceedural)
  • Charlton comics (Dan Garret, Captain Atom, the Question, Peacemaker, Nightshade, Thunderbolt)
  • Milestone comics (featuring Icon, Rocket, Static, Hardware, and other Milestone characters)
  • Wildstorm comics (featuring Grifter, Fairchild, and other Wildstorm characters)
  • More Fun comics (similar to JL8, Tiny Titans, or Superman Family Adventures)
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Yes, for a reason so far everyone has failed to mention: so that the alternate costume doesn't date the story, as with the blue electric costume from the mid '90s. His classic red tights are so iconic that it's only a matter of a few years until they're brought back permanently, and once that happens, future generations of readers will look back at the launch of the New 52 and wonder what on earth DC Comics was thinking by giving him the atrocious armored look (which if you ask me is the worst thing to happen to comics since Fredrick Wernstrom published Seduction of the Innocent) .

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I usually give a series another try whenever there's a change in creative team, and given how awesome the character design is here, I'll certainly pick up issue 19.