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Other than reinforcing all the more the fact that the leads were terribly miscast, this teaser is the first indication that the film might be better than every single piece of information revealed thus far has led us to believe. It has a great aesthetic and is wisely playing up the science aspects over the super-heroics, which is both faithful to the spirit of the comics and the same strategy of genre-spanning which Marvel Studios has wisely employed in recent outings.

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Fox should adopt the LOST formula for this show, with the Xavier Institute substituting for the Island as the setting. It could feature a large ensemble cast staring the teenage students of the school, with each episode focusing on an individual character. It should draw inspiration mostly from Morrison's run on New X-Men, with underused villains such as Cassandra Nova and John Sublime, but not be afraid to incorporate more recent additions to the X-family, such as Hope, Genesis, and (if budget allows) Broo.

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This image was my 2014 in a nutshell:

My two best friends are my roommate and his girlfriend. I told her she should break up with him and be with me instead.

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@owie said:

The classic case is called the Trolley problem, and you can read about it here. Also, This American Life did a great piece on it, here.

The original version goes like this: a trolley is going down the tracks. If it keeps going on the same track, it will run over 5 people who are tried up on the track. However, if you turn a switch so it runs down a different track, then those 5 people will all survive--but instead it will run over 1 person who is tied up on that alternate track. Do you turn the switch and run the trolley down the alternate track?

An alternate version goes like this: The trolley is going down the track, and there are 5 people tied up like before. But, you can stop the trolley by dropping a large weight on it. As it happens there is an enormously fat man next to you. If you drop the fat man on the trolley, it will stop the trolley and save the 5 people, but kill the fat man. Do you throw the fat man off the bridge and stop the trolley?

In surveys, most people choose to flip the switch in the first example, but less people choose to throw the fat man over the bridge in the second example, even though in both cases they are making a choice to sacrifice one life instead of 5 lives. This is usually because people feel much more active and involved in the second case, like they are doing the killing, whereas in the first problem they are just flipping a remote switch and they feel less personally responsible for the single death.ow, I am not ashamed of that. You shouldn't be either....It matters."

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I switched from physical comics to digital about two years ago, but I'm going to have to make my first exception since for some of these amazing movie poster variants, especially Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

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@keroga said:

I'm a fan of Morrison and Moore! BUT I've always kept my distance from MIRACLEMAN mainly because of all the history and stuff. I guess this is how people trying to get into comics feel.

But I wanted to openly ask anyone/everyone...Is this Character/Story arcs Worth getting into?

Along with Sandman Overture and Hickman's Avengers titles, this is the best series being put out currently.

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I'm betting the villain responsible for this particular incarnation of Battleworld is not the Beyonder, but rather Rabum Alal, whomever he is revealed to be.