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I love the Earth One graphic novels, but I hate the priority dying print shops are given over digital store fronts (particularly Comixology). I read my comics on an iPad, the way God intended, not on paper like some caveman from the stupid ages. Why should the most forward thinking members of the comics community have to wait an extra week to read this?

(hyperbole intended, but the sentiment is serious)

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With the finales to Multiversity and Endgame, as well as the prologue to Darkseid War, this could very well be the best week for comics in 2015.

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I had been reading and enjoying the series since the Finches took over, but if this is the direction the artistic design is taking then I'm definitely dropping the book immediately. There are so many better ways this could have gone instead (Greco-Roman armor, classic super-heroine tights, ultra-casual a la the new Superman costume), but this simply doesn't work on any level. Here's what DC should have gone with:

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While it's a huge improvement over the New 52 armor, it's not quite up to the previous t-shirt and jeans appearance, which is his best look to date still. And the split-curl seems even more iconic than the cape or the red underwear; losing that was a change too far (they should have just added a beard or some 5 o'clock stubble instead).

Superman's best costume!

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Addendum: of the seven worlds not yet revealed, which worlds would you want to be incorporated as part of the DC Multiverse? I for one would love to see Batman '66 (the television series and the digital comic) as one.

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Of the various Earths enumerated in the Multiversity Guidebook, which would you like to see featured in their own series (whether ongoing, limited, or digital first)?

I would gladly give DC my money for series featuring Earth-4 (Charlton characters), Earth-7 or 8 (Marvel homages), Earth-10 (Nazi world), Earth-18 (cowboy world), Earth-39 (W.O.N.D.E.R.), Earth-42 (chibi world), Earth-47 (hippie world), or my number one choice by far, Earth-51 (home of Kamandi, the last boy).

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Other than reinforcing all the more the fact that the leads were terribly miscast, this teaser is the first indication that the film might be better than every single piece of information revealed thus far has led us to believe. It has a great aesthetic and is wisely playing up the science aspects over the super-heroics, which is both faithful to the spirit of the comics and the same strategy of genre-spanning which Marvel Studios has wisely employed in recent outings.

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Fox should adopt the LOST formula for this show, with the Xavier Institute substituting for the Island as the setting. It could feature a large ensemble cast staring the teenage students of the school, with each episode focusing on an individual character. It should draw inspiration mostly from Morrison's run on New X-Men, with underused villains such as Cassandra Nova and John Sublime, but not be afraid to incorporate more recent additions to the X-family, such as Hope, Genesis, and (if budget allows) Broo.

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