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I would have used the Adam West skin had it come to Xbox One as well. Hopefully it comes eventually, alongside a Burt Ward skin for Nightwing and/or Robin.

My Batman '66: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray is one of my prize possessions. Watching old episodes drunk is pretty much my definition of a perfect night.

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I've always wanted to see Granny Goodness and the Female Furies added to her rogues gallery, which would also serve to introduce the New Gods into the DC Cinematic Universe.

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I love how DC includes the variant covers in every digital comic. Marvel ought to start doing the same, and should update their old issues as well.

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Squadron Supreme sounds to have a great line-up and premise, but weak art. The exact opposite is true of Ultimates and Uncanny Inhumans. I would have far preferred Kenneth Rocafort or Steve McNiven drawing Hyperion and his allies.

Regarding a replacement artist for Doctor Strange, it sounds like Sara Pichelli's talents are being wasted on Miles Morales; she'd definitely be the best candidate out of the current roster of talent Marvel has to pull from.

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Old Man Logan is the only definite for me, coming from the creative team behind the excellent Green Arrow run.

I'll try Uncanny X-Men and Ultimates because of their respective artists, and Doctor Strange and Squadron Supreme despite theirs.

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Given the hair, I'm hoping Quentin Quire is the new Hulk. He has intelligence approaching that of Banner's, and given his personality he would love being the Hulk. Plus, as a younger, more arrogant and extremist Xavier-type, he's a character that's lot of fun to read.

The other possibility is that it's Old Man Logan's infant hulk, but why then obscure the face?

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I'm not a fan of the creative team whatsoever. Jason Aaron has some problematic views regarding gender politics, and Chris Bachalo is has a style both overly rough and cartoony, not unlike John Romita Jr, though not quite as bad.

However, these sketches aren't as bad as most of his previous work, and given that (along with Professor Xavier, Steve Rogers, Reed Richards, the Sentry, and Cosmo) Doctor Strange is one of my absolute favorite Marvel characters, I'll give the first issue a try.

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What would you consider the best back-to-back creative run on a title or character by one writer followed by another? (For example: the Fantastic Four run by Mark Millar followed by Jonathan Hickman, the Batman run by Gran Morrison followed by Scott Snyder, etc.)

Alternatively, what would you consider the best creative run by a single writer across two franchises which subsequently come to share thematic and narrative ties? (For example: Jonathan Hickman's runs on Fantastic Four and Avengers, Rick Remender's runs on Uncanny X-Force and Uncanny Avengers, etc.)

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This is anything but the future. The future is digital distribution, and by catering instead to the dying print industry Marvel is proving itself rather regressive.

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@boss1319 said:

@rideaspacecowboy: But what if you are downloading a comic on a villain . Is it okay then?

If you're goal in life is to be a villain, then congratulations, stealing a comic book, whether a physical copy from a comic book store or a digital copy that you torrent, is a villainous act.