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It's like, "why on earth are you even allowed to carry acid into court?" :D
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Is batman had his full way he'd of killed the joker... only that stupid old man intervened (just kidding I love Jim) and if he had killed the joker, he'd have thought "oh no!" moped around for a bit, then realised it's ok, and carried on. He may have killed the joker in "the killing joke" if, again, the commish' hadn't said "to bring him in by the book" really, arkham staff should tie him do the floor in a windowless tower, with no means of escape at all, but the're are too many joker fans for that. 
As for your whole gotham towers story, I have no idea what he'd do, I suppose the writers aren't allowed to have him miraculously save the day, it would be very interesting for batman to have some blood on his hands...
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Thankyou, that was all I really wanted...
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Vincent (starry starry night) by Don McLean
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The best ever comic with the joker in is slayride! I actually laughed, a lot!
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Am I the only one who's noticed? Batgirls mask must cover every area except the parts that reveal identity!!! 
Take a dominoe mask for example, it covers the nose and area around the eyes, thus hiding the most distinguishable part of a persons face, wheras Babs' has large areas around the eyes, mouth and nose... 
I do not get it at all... No wonder Robin worked it out so easily!!!
o Take a look at this picture on the left, I wouldn't know who that is if her name wasn't printed above her! 
You mightn't like to hear it, but did 'Batman and Robin' have it right?
o Wheras for the right, she's just lucky that goon's been shot by the killer moth! 
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Thanks, I understand there is/was a batman four, but I mean in the recent films... 
And to all you hating on Batman and Robin shame on you! It's slightly (ok, very) cheesy, but it was only supposed to bring a younger audience in, and anyway, who can forget such great lines, such as "ice to meet you!" 
But really, it wasn't THAT bad was it?
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In the dark knight returns he builds a suit capable of pretty much kicking superman around, even without kryptonite... only he has a heart attack :/
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Was going to put the title as 'Batman 4' but I thought a lot of people may visit thinking I knew of a batman 4, wheras in fact, I don't. 
Anyhow, I know it's very early to talk of Batman 4, but because the past two sold so very, very well, there will be a Batman 4, right? I mean, movies are only there to make money, and when something is a hit they make more and more untill it stops. (With star wars they made a whole other series, even if it did mean jumping back in time, despite the fact viewers already knew what would happen...) 
So will they be making a Batman four or leave it as a trillogy? (OR THRILLOGY!!! :D )
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@DEGRAAF said:

"I honestly believe that Johnny Depp could play an amazing Joker, Im not saying it would be better than Heath Ledgers take on the character but i think it would come close to the same villain, since Joker was done so amazingly by Heath i really want Johnny to play the riddler, i think that would be the next best character for him to play out of the Batman Rogue gallery. "


I WILL hang myself if Johnny depp so much as contemplates the idea of being in ANY batman film! 
Also, I get that heath ledgers preformance as the joker was different, but i wan't a little more... crazy funny, not crazy dark/depressing... 
I mean, what happenned to the guy who kills a few people, has a laugh and gets sent off to arkham? 
Maybe the whole "I fell into a vat of chemicals now i'm crazy as heck" doesn't wash with Nolan...