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Lots of fun 0

So this is the beginning of the infamous Wolfsbane/Elixir romance. It seems weird to most people because the characters are so different, but this issue did a good job of showing that Rahne isn't the same as the other original New Mutants. She's much younger (only 19 in this issue. David and Nori are 17, and Josh is 16), and she is still going through all the problems that these kids are going through. Josh is the only one who "gets" her right now. So I think it works in this story, but I'm stil...

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A must read! 0

This issue needs to be read. It was beautifully written, and really powerful at some points. The narration was excellent; it's what makes this story so fun and powerful. There wasn't much dialogue, and most of the story is in flashbacks, but everything still feels just right. It was so interesting to learn Laurie's origins in comparison to Rahne's. Despite the time hopping and story switches, the pacing is excellent. Everything flows just the way it should. The story is so organic in the way...

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Underwhelming - Spoilers Ahead 0

After the events of Messiah CompleX, the X-Men disbanded. Unfortunately, we never saw their exodus, so there are many questions left unanswered. Leaving that though, let's focus on just issue #1 of Young X-Men. Young X-Men is the latest relaunch of the X-Teen book. Guggenheim starts off with the death of a character from the future. This seems unnecessary, and slightly annoying as well, if anyone has read New X-Men, this book's precursor. The rest of the issue is a traditonal set-up story ...

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Character Development Galore! 0

Lovely issue. Lots of character development. We really get how David's mind works, and his relationship with Josh solidifies. Nori begins to join the group in this issue, and we really see how Sofia is the heart and soul of this team. Laurie makes some headway as well, as Josh finally notices her for saving his life. Rahne and Dani strengthen their bonds again as well. In the end, its a "feel good" issue, and it completely works. The art was alright. Randolph isn't as nice as Baberi, but it sti...

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Decent story, but it doesn't fit with the rest of the series 0

Eh, it was alright. It was well written, and it flows very nicely, but it wasn't too interesting, because it was completely about the original New Mutants, and not the kids from this series. It was cool to see the New Mutants fight together again, but the fight scene was pretty lackluster. This ish was mostly filler, because they needed to move up the stories when Marvel nixed Vic's suicide story. They needed something before Academy X came. The art was nice though. The action sequences were ver...

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