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@dman1366 said:

Hmm, well looks like the only X-Books I am pulling right now are getting canned. Good-bye X-Men, it was a good 15 year run.

Hey! The jerk store just called. They said they're running out of you!

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@john_valentine: Say what you like, but it's the been the best iteration since Remender left. Also...what books have a point in Marvel Now? They're all lacking.

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They shoulda kept Cable & X-force going.

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He's not tagging Spiderman in an urban setting. Unless he's cool with dropping a building on himself in the process.

I don't see his wide beam knocking out Thing or Colossus either. He'd be better off narrowing it in the hopes of punching through their armor which isn't exactly easy. Can he do that since AvX? I've not picked up Uncanny in a long time, but last I saw he'd lost that type of focus.

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The reason why Bendis isn't using Colossus is simple. He loves Kitty Pryde and is purposefully driving the character toward the Guardians books for more exposure with the movies success. Colossus being in his books doesn't serve his end purpose of making Kitty into some major big league marvel/guardians character. He essentially destroyed the Kitty/Bobby relationship and hooked her up with Starlord within an issue or so of their meeting, right? I'm grateful that he's not involved in the books as apparently he's made Adult Bobby look like an enormous douche. Although he did make Future Colossus (AKA Handlebar moustachio) cool enough.

I do find it amusing there's a large group out there that bother him about Colossus.

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40 feet doesn't seem like a long enough distance to keep Scott from getting blitzed by some of these folks.

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@dredeuced: You make a point, but I think most people are thinking in the vein of brawlers/bricks.

@ghostravage: Well I'd assume he'd have a similar advantage as they're brawlers and the transformation seems to make every inch of him into some type of stabbing/gouging utensil. He's like a swiss army knife...of pain. I can't argue feats with a character as old as Hulk, as Juggerlossus was only around for a year or so, but that demonic form was pretty unstoppable. Unless you're Magik.

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@ghostravage said:

@rickbarry: He went into full demonic form and it was underwater, before and after that Red Hulk maintained a quite equal pace to that of Colossonaut.

Well that's my point. Colossus always held back unless someone pushed him past his restraint. In this fight he's blood lusted which means Rulk wouldn't last more than a minute against him.

Utopia saved him in that fight. No Utopia means he won't stop. Rulk gets put to sleep quick fast and in a hurry.