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@warlordeternal: The version was most definitely stronger, but his fight skills weren't the best. He kept trying to consume Colossus and he promptly broke his face and left him a quivering mess.

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I think he clears with relative ease. He already rumbled with Gurgan Venom (which is the strongest version thus far, no?) and beat the hell out of him.

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You have to remember that Colossus threw the fight against Rulk. He positioned himself in a way that Colossus would have killed an insane amount of people above on Utopia if he didn't gain control.

I'd say Hulk could probably win round 1 as Colossus would hold back more, but he'd win round 2.

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I don't see how the sentinels lose. Destroyer seems like the biggest problem here, but 2,000 of the sentinels from that movie over whelm it almost instantly.

Juggernaut was a mutant in the film and thus would be immediately taken out of the fight. I don't see him being any more difficult to drop than Colossus.

Abomination rumbled with Hulk sure, but he lost and these sentinels had impressive strength feats as well as massive energy projection.

Silver Samurai has adamantium armor which makes the armor hard to damage. Couldn't they just burn the guy up inside without much effort?

Loki has the scepter, but if Blink (who had impressive teleporting feats) was overwhelmed by 3 sentinels...how well is he going to do? I mean he actually thought he could beat The Hulk. Guy got owned. Any sentinel could bash him about just as easily.

The rest aren't even worth mentioning.

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Omega Red is a huge bonus for the Russian team. Everyone on the Canadian team can can be neutralized with his death pheromone as well as his tendrils.

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@djainess said:

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Current Uncanny.


I second that

I dunno. I don't like duplicate characters that bring nothing to the table and the writer that retcons his own stories a year after introducing them in the first place. Laaaame.

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@lvenger: The problem with arguing for Colossus is that he was only gifted with the power for less than a calendar year. So we didn't get to see a great deal of his potential, but a lot of people are focusing on the force field. He simply didn't wish to use the powers and whenever he tapped into them? I wanna say he used it against Spiderman. He wrecked his opponent. Well...with the exception of UNIT who did some type of hypnotizing. I don't recall. Now as far as you claiming that he can't heal while being in Juggernaut form? I believe he did heal while fighting Kuurth. He made the comment of that his bones were being crushed from their blows, but it didn't matter. He simply couldn't stop him. Also didn't Colossus use the size amplification thing to have a supersized throwdown with a Sinister Krakoa? I want to say that happened until a bajillion Gambit nukes self destructed in his face. (This actually happened.)

'Course all that being said I guess I'd have to say Superman. The whole Colossanaut arc was more about the conflict between the good inside him and the evil that wanted to tear the world apart. No real argument can be made without using Cain feats and Petey was a different ball of wax all together.

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Current Uncanny.

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Bendis is really running out of ideas if he keeps crossing over his titles with one another. I can't say this is all surprising. Where the H is Gillen!?

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I caught the movie last night and had a good time. I could have done with a bit more of the future scenes, but then again the sentinels were so devastatingly powerful how much longer could any scenes have been? Also what's the deal with the Colossus hate?

I mean he couldn't even bust one sentinel? Who'd of thought that epic portal attack would just result in a mild stun of a sentinel? Geez and then they wishboned him! Colossus gets no respect.