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President: Emma Frost- C'mon. Who plays the diplomatic game better than Emma? Plus she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. Scott Summers=First Man

Vice President: Storm- She'll fit the bill nicely, wouldn't mind the work load and is just as charming as anyone.

Secretary of State: Kitty Pryde- Who better to lecture and point out other leaders flaws? "Do it our way. It's stupid to do it any other!"

Secretaries of Defense: Colossus and Wolverine- Everyone wants to have a beer with these two guys, but no one wants to piss them off.

Attorney General: Hank McCoy- Hank loves being on his high horse as much as Kitty. The position is perfect for him.

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I guess it could be the Utopians thing, but the only big character on that cover is Colossus. It has to be something alt verse related. I mean...that's an old school looking Marrow as well. Assuming it isn't actually a gag and is an actual book...Who in gods name leads this group?

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You can't disagree with Kitty on any subject whatsoever. She's the ideal woman.

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Emma wants to get back at Kitty, right? Boom. Colossus/Emma=Drama. I'll sign off on it.

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@pastepotpete: Colossus going down to a lot of those 50 tonners is PIS as well. He ran into him a few years ago and managed to do quite well for himself. 'Course he didn't end up winning, but his actual training with Logan/Cyclops showed in the fight.

So it isn't World Breaker? There's too many heavy hitters for the other team to lose.

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I'd imagine it's going to be the inverted version the villains. Doctor Doom, etc.

Although I do hope it consists of Nightcrawler and Colossus. They're hands down my favorite X-men currently and I'd like to see them on a major team again.

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They all have an equal amount of the Phoenix Force, right? I mean we can't compare Scott at the end of AvX as he had all five of the fragments compared to everyone else having 1/5 or 1/2.

I think it's pretty safe to assume that Colossus would have the most power between all of them as he was the avatar of two forces. Cyttorak/Phoenix trumps any others without the phoenix itself. Cyclops would likely fall in at number two as he's well...friggin' Cyclops. Magik would be the third most powerful, but she's kind of a sleeper. Apparently she can negate the gem of cyttorak if the fight took place in limbo. Emma would fall to fourth and Namor would be fifth. Namor displayed quite a bit in attacking Wakanda, but I think any of the P5 could have done what he did and wouldn't have lost their fragment to the avengers.

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Is Hulk still world breaker status? I'd say he wins if he is, but if he isn't? The team is just too much. Anti-Venom, Gamora and Colossus can all rumble with a non-worldbreaker.

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@hysteria: Dude. There's tons of instances of Kitty being insufferable!

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Emma. Less needy.