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Andrew Garfield was garbage as Spiderman. Hope they give him the boot.

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@cattlebattle: Stranger things have happened. Look where Kitty is these days. Do you happen to have a scan of that scene? It sounds amusing.

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It's difficult to choose a team that Emma would lead as I can't think of a great many people that are on good terms with her at the moment. I'll give it a whirl anyway.

Nightcrawler -Everyone wants Kurt around. Dude is classy.

Colossus- I want to see him fire a diamond projectile a la Astonishing.

Domino- I like my share of guns in an X book.

Firestar- She's grown on me the past few months.

Silly fifth guest spot will be...

Spiderman- I have no reason for this.

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Why haven't they thrown down at some point? It's been a running battle for as long as I can remember, but no writer has gotten the two together. (I don't count the silly AvX vs mini. That thing stunk out loud.)

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@lordmordor: Did it really stick though? Pete pulled himself up and pushed through that damnation that seems to still hold Illyana back. Domino is the cure for damned souls.

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I still don't quite understand why Magik put the screws to her brother. He was literally the only person in her corner on Utopia. Sure, he might be over protective brother, but it came from a genuine sense of love. Her issue with his ability to sacrifice himself to save her or anyone for that matter...isn't that what they do? It certainly makes for great writing, but her thought process was incredibly odd.

It's a shame that Gillen never got to continue his work on the books. Instead this story has seemingly been forgotten so she can make snarky remarks with Kitty. The Magik that could have been is gone, Folks. It's a shame!

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Would a symbiote augment Colossus Juggernaut's strength even further?

It'd make him more versatile, but not more powerful.

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I'm surprised so many people are saying the X-men wouldn't have a chance against the invasion. Storm managed a wind storm over such a vast area that destroyed most of the troop carriers. She could very well create such a violent storm at the portals entrance that nothing would make it through. If the massive things make it through? Big deal. Magneto's lifted bigger like it wasn't a problem.

I just had a thought. Do the avengers have the ability to greatly diminish the sentinel numbers like the X-men? They used a combination of storm and a nuclear detonation to make them more manageable and still got worked over.

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Magneto turns the aliens inside out and if they're somehow not metallic? (Which they totally seemed to be.) He uses Manhattan itself to shotgun the portal.

The Avengers are in a different position. The sentinels used mystique's mutation to adapt to any opponent they face. Will that work on them? I have no clue.

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Colossus. Wolverine's powers would hurt entirely too much and Namor is screwy in the head as a result of his powers. So while flying is cool...I wouldn't want the other baggage.