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Ultimate Colossus couldn't be controlled by a insanely OP Ultimate Magneto. He's no joke in that universe. Especially when you threaten his manly crushes.

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@namor_curry: No they are not.

They are made from the same material but they don't have the same enhancements.

Can you provide any on panel proof? Because I've read every single Aquaman appearance in the New 52 and NOWHERE is it stated that any of the artifacts EXCEPT THE TRIDENT to be indestructible.

What you claim is simply false or speculative.

Also unless you try to imply that Colossus is more durable than Darkseid, there's no point in arguing for Colosus durability.

Didn't Batman knock out Darkseid? I admit that I don't know much about Aquaman other than to say he's the reason the fish team wins. Namor is highly overrated in the fighting department IMO.

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Namor is speedy, but I haven't seen him do anything as of late that puts him out of Colossus or Thing's league. Aquaman is pretty beastly though, right? I'd say he swings the fight in their favor.

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The choices seem to be either Colossus or Cain himself. Solicits seem to suggest Colossus stands along against The Juggernaut. So he's either throwing down with Cain or he's facing down the 'demons' he ran into with Cyttorak.

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They actually hired actors!

I didn't see a thread on the forum here. So I thought I might as well do my duty to share mutant film news! Have you all heard the news now? I'm sure, but now you can discuss it! Or at least leave a link and tell me I can't point out the obvious thread I've overlooked.

The biggest news to me was the inclusion of Colossus into the film. Will his role be as large as it was in the leaked script? I certainly hope so. I also hold the hope of a recasting of the actor if they have any intention of letting him speak instead of a walking special effect.

What do you think of the news? Do you like the female casting that isn't Domino? Or is this Angel Dust character a change of pace folks were seeking? I'm excited about the prospect of the film with two characters I enjoy. They also happen to be the two characters the previous movies crapped on the most.

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@god_spawn: Oh snap. Colossus is practically confirmed for his Deadpool role! He's gonna run wild!!!

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Depends on if Blink is bloodlusted. She could kill anyone on the opposing team.

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@teerack: He does make a point. The entire relationship is based on a lie. I think that's a reason Colossus hasn't shown up in the Bendis books as there's no logical way to out the plot twist and keep the two together.

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@god_spawn: Domino is sliding into the X-mansion on the sneak! A small enough cameo, but she's hoping for a giant ruby as a relationship gift.

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Is it me or is Nightcrawler and Colossus best friends? I mean nowadays, everytime I see a cover or an advertisement with either Colossus or Nightcrawler, one of them always end up right next to the other. Also, who is that with the sunglasses near Domino? I want to say its Boom-Boom...........

Nightcrawler, Colossus and Wolverine have been inseparable (Unless they're dead...which they all have been over the past decade) over the years. They form the holy trinity and the first confirmed bromance in the X-verse. It's why they're always depicted together. That is Boom-Boom by the by.