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@rickbarry: He did promise he would kill her, but she was happy to see future Handle-Bar Stache Colossus in Bota.

Well that was a wise Colossus. Trimming such a legendary piece of facial hair gave him great knowledge.

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@rickbarry: Bendis was asked if these two would have a reunion, and he mentioned in a podcast like a month ago they will.

Oh well that's fancy. I do wonder if they'll make up or if he's still busted up over their last meeting.

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@rickbarry: I've been around though lol? And fine, hbu?

Well I haven't been around! I've been doing well. Just enjoying the summer and I hope you're right. If Colossus isn't involved int he will...I call shenanigans.

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@rickbarry: Colossus and Magik are supposed to come face to face during this arc, so he'll show up eventually.

What the H? It's God Spawn. Long time no see.

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Whoa whoa whoa. Firestar, Rachel, Emma and Magik are all at the reading, but not Colossus? I realize Bendis hates the idea of him being on panel with his favorite pet character Kitty, but he's the only original team member/giant sized member that's not there. Well...there are others, but they're DEAD.

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@warlordeternal: The version was most definitely stronger, but his fight skills weren't the best. He kept trying to consume Colossus and he promptly broke his face and left him a quivering mess.

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I think he clears with relative ease. He already rumbled with Gurgan Venom (which is the strongest version thus far, no?) and beat the hell out of him.

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You have to remember that Colossus threw the fight against Rulk. He positioned himself in a way that Colossus would have killed an insane amount of people above on Utopia if he didn't gain control.

I'd say Hulk could probably win round 1 as Colossus would hold back more, but he'd win round 2.

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I don't see how the sentinels lose. Destroyer seems like the biggest problem here, but 2,000 of the sentinels from that movie over whelm it almost instantly.

Juggernaut was a mutant in the film and thus would be immediately taken out of the fight. I don't see him being any more difficult to drop than Colossus.

Abomination rumbled with Hulk sure, but he lost and these sentinels had impressive strength feats as well as massive energy projection.

Silver Samurai has adamantium armor which makes the armor hard to damage. Couldn't they just burn the guy up inside without much effort?

Loki has the scepter, but if Blink (who had impressive teleporting feats) was overwhelmed by 3 sentinels...how well is he going to do? I mean he actually thought he could beat The Hulk. Guy got owned. Any sentinel could bash him about just as easily.

The rest aren't even worth mentioning.

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Omega Red is a huge bonus for the Russian team. Everyone on the Canadian team can can be neutralized with his death pheromone as well as his tendrils.