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@zill0678 said:

Brown sick and during of the Black Death on his worse mental day would stomp jorah regardless of his best day

Why do you say Bronn? Bronn on the show is different than the Bronn on the television series. Jorah has fought to overthrow the Mad King, he was a hero in the Greyjoy Rebellion. He's waged war against the Bravoosi, emerged victorious against Dothraki Bloodriders and has fought wars for Daenaerys. Hell he and Selmy liberated Mereen single handedly. Even in the latest books he's taken savage beatings, branding and swordplay with relative ease. Above all his military skill he's also a gifted tactician.

Jorah would never fall for what he pulled in the Eyrie.

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@ostarion: Jorah wears wool in the desert. He clearly has limitless stamina.

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Jorah is an exiled knight that's been selling his skills in the Free Cities for years. He's fought Westeros Knights, Greyjoy Marauders, Bravoosi and Dothraki in his travels. The guy wears wool in the desert! He's a badass! Bronn hasn't fought anyone like the old bear.

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@god_spawn: Are you ready for an old school X-men related brawl? It could be epic. Colossus vs. Juggernaut!

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Amazing X-men: This issue boiled down to two things to ol' Rickbarry. Firstly I thought the bickering between the teammates was amusing. Kurt, Bobby and Storm blasting Piotr. Northstar slamming Rachel. Kurt dropping a reluctant Rockslide on The Living Monolith. It all worked imo. The second issue was something I feel was missed by Yost. Piotr tapped into something interesting with Cyttorak. Cyttorak himself seemed shocked at the notion of giving Colossus the Juggernaut powers again so he could kill Cyttorak. How great would have that been? Instead Cain randomly shows up as Juggernaut after Cyttorak accepts the terms.

There's an extra issue on the end. So I guess we'll see what happens.

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We'll never know until they actually fight! This debate is like Mustard or Ketchup. Chocolate or Vanilla. Salt or Pepper. Pepsi or Coke. It's too close to pick a side!

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AvX should be forgotten. It was pure sillyness.

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Team two wins. Venom tags them with his webbing to slow them down, Warpath stabs and Colossus removes heads.

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The sword has the ability to transport her, but I've not seen anything else is attributed to the blade. Let's not act like it's Mjolnir here. The closest comparison to this fight I can think of is Ord vs Colossus as he has a fancy pants weapon that could cut through him, but he didn't touch a blood lusted Colossus. In fact Colossus worked him over to the point his eyes crossed. Same thing happens here.