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@vandersexxx: Yeah. I remember hearing about that. He hurt Dormammu. Lolz.

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@oldnightcrawler: You've never had the thought about a couple? What they see in that person and why they're together in the first place? You might be the only person on the planet to hold that claim.

They paired her with Bobby immediately after Peter and with Peter immediately after Bobby. Some fans are wondering if they have a direction with the character. It's completely normal.

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I don't think they get past six. Namor and Colossus took turns laying an epic beating on Gladiator and nearly killed him after a brief fight. I'm pretty sure they had matter manipulation as well.

Phoenix Five break bones for a living.

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I don't get it or particularly care for it. 'Course I still base my logic on why she split with Piotr in the first place. So it makes virtually no sense as to why she's seeing him, but then again I don't think logic plays much these days.

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Last i read she was kinda with Iceman so wtf is up with the writers jumping her from one dude to the next lol.

Bendis is trying to see what sticks!

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@drfate said:

I don't like it. I would prefer her to be in a relationship with Peter Rasputin or Kurt Wagner.

Also : i didn't read any X-Men comic books since the end of Astonishing X-Men #24 it was a couple years ago. What happened to Kitty after she pharella with that bullet through Earth?

Magneto brought the bullet back. She and Pete got back together for a bit. Colossus sacrificed part of his soul for his sister. She left him, joined the jean grey school, left it for Scott's team in one of the written plot devices in history and now gives preachy high horse arguments while dating Star Lord.

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I think Bendis stinks because he works on too many books as well as a television show. Cyclops has apparently been trying to have a revolution for two years and virtually nothing has happened. The Doppleganger X-men have shown up and nothing has happened. Battle of the Atom was an incredibly slow paced event with one of the most inexplicable endings written in years. The Will (which I haven't read) was supposedly going to be an incendiary event to make Charles look bad...turned into him giving a child a normal life? He altered peoples minds all the damn time in the movies as well as the comicverse. The Trial of Jean Grey was pretty lame as well. It was a rehashing of Jean's history. Who gives a poop? 'Course we have a completely original idea with the Trial of Hank McCoy coming up.

I was never a fan of Jason Aaron, but we at least had two different writing styles between himself and Gillen. Putting the two biggest books behind one guy has stagnated the franchise in my opinion.

Plus the sales have been slipping as well. Uncanny wasn't even in the top 30 and All New barely stayed in the Top 20. I'd like some change.

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It's a pretty crappy Bendis move to shoehorn his pet character into a Guardians book a few weeks before the movies release. He desperately wants Kitty to become hugely popular.

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@avenger85 said:

Xavier and Magneto.

You just know the tension's always been there. Let them get it done and over with already.

On a serious note, Cyclops and Abigail Brand, just to piss Beast off lol.

lol also what about the tension between wolverine and cyclops?????

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Colossus and Emma. I think it'd be amusing and Kitty would blow her stack.

isnt colossus younger then emma

Emma is a good bit older than him, but he did give Domino the business and I assume she's in the same age range as Emma. Are you saying Pete only robs the cradle!?

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Colossus and Emma. I think it'd be amusing and Kitty would blow her stack.