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Without gear team 2 stomps, although from what I've read on here about comic versions of Buffyverse characters I think they'd still take a majority even if Team 1 had standard gear

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Joker & Harley

Captain America & Winter Soldier

Dick, Jason & Tim


Dredd & Anderson

(Special emphasis on Dredd & Anderson, that could be pretty awesome)

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@jestersmiles: Negative Feelings Empowerment: He can become stronger and more powerful by feeding off the negative emotions of people such as hatred, fear, pain, etc.

This one's interesting, surely fighting a guy like Mephisto will amp him to higher power levels than he's displayed in the show then?

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Interested but don't know enough about the characters. Bump.

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@killerwasp: problem is, based on the consistency of his feats he would job for a majority of fights. Agreed though, his higher end stuff would give him a win if he could just stay on form when it matters.

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Please guys, Raphael is NOT on Spidermans level, that's ridiculous. And as for this being a mismatch, I'm actually very tempted to vote too close to call for the first time.

There's little to no speed difference, Raph obviously has the strength and durability edge (but the durability advantage is not as much as some people think) and I would say Damian should have a slight skill advantage. Throw in Damians tech and definite tactical superiority and you've got a very close fight on your hands.

I don't think stealth will come in to play much considering how hot-headed and insulting they both are in a fight so the gaps going to be closed pretty quickly with Damian realizing during the fight that he's going to need to use some tech to make up for the strength advantage.

Without Leo or Donny to give direction, Raph is gonna be constantly trying to bring the fight in close and probably just dodging gear that gets thrown without trying to counter it tactically. This works fine for batarangs, and smoke grenades won't really affect him, but a flashbang or knock out grenade at the right time could be enough to give Damian a winning opening. Obviously he won't get caught out often by these projectiles, it's nothing he hasn't deal with before and for the 1 or 2 wins this might bring Damian, Raphaels strength and size would make up for it.

So I can't think what would seperate the two enough for one of them to claim a majority. Too close to call. Great match @k4tzm4n

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@lukehero: Really close battle, I think Damian takes a majority because of the power being out at night and not starting visible. 7 / 10 Damian for me.

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@god_spawn: So is Quicksilver considerably below Flash in his abilities?

it's like the difference in physical strength between Batman and Superman.

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"Daredevil Runs The Batman Villains Gauntlet" and doesn't even make it past Wave 2.

LOL, please tell me you're kidding.

Stops at either 7 or 9.