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For all the fans like myself that are not a fan of New 52 Wally vote with your dollar and buy the upcoming DC comics Convergence issues of Speed Force. You want the company to see that Pre New 52 Wally West matters then buy the crap out of the book and tell your friends to buy it. A big company like DC sees $ and this is your chance to give them real proof we care.

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It is a spy organization. You don't have to be dead to work there but since no one asks a dead person what they do for a living it is a great cover.

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@ms-lola said:

He's already dyed his hair blonde (briefly). Masks show you have something to hide. Not too clever in the spy department.

He never dyed his hair. It was a wig that you see him take off.

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can somebody please the age difference between Dick and Jason? B/c i know Barbara is older than both of them. im starting to think there's 2 year gap between all three robins with Dick being 2 years older than Jason and Jason being 2 years older than Tim.

It has been stated by the writers on Batgirl and Nightwing that at the start of the new 52 they were both 21.

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The writer of the fight scene in Nightwing #30 Tom King said he had Dick beat Bruce in the throw down in Nightwing #30. Do I think Dick could beat him 9 times out of 10? No. But he now has on record 1 win over the big guy.

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@bats_colony said:

Will Supergirl ever be able to beat Superman while they're both at their best? Likewise, Nightwing will never beat Batman on their best days.

He beat Batman in Nightwing #30. Scans are posted in this thread.

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@vitacura said:

@nathaniel_christopher: Sure, Women hug himself when they are cold or when they are pregnant too. But since this is a comic and the visuals are part of the message I don't tink they are aiming to cold and I hope she isn't pregnant.

And yes, Jason has always envied Dick and now he is going for every person Dick has loved.

The way he keep going after Barbara until she said yes and THEN he didn't want to. Wow How people are seen it like is a good thing is mind blowing.

They also just hug themselves for no reason sometimes to do something with their hands, or when they're happy. My point being that it doesn't automatically mean she's said, and that she again appears to have a smile on her face. Also, considering that they're on top of a bridge, i'm not sure why it wouldn't be cold up there, and it's clearly somewhat windy, as Barbara's hair is blowing, along with her cape.

Which is why this scene is again so good. As I said, Jason's always envied Dick for his relationship with Bruce, and because he's never felt he could measure up, and that Bruce valued Dick more, etc. Yet at no point has he ever actively wanted to be Dick Grayson, which is what him hooking up with Barbara comes off as, and it's the same complaint many have with him hanging out with Kori and Roy. Nothing that can be done about the latter two at this point, but good on the writers for realizing it now at least and not having Jason get with Barbara.

You have poor reading skills if you're referring to me, as I outright said it was written poorly, but them having him get with Barbara wouldn't have been any better. What should have happened (Realistically, they shouldn't have ever tried to have these characters possibly getting together at all, but barring that) is that Barbara is the one who turns Jason down and ends any discussion on the issue. They then talk about the reasons why, and Jason comes to accept what she's saying, that it's for the best, and both characters move on.

I agree. I just hope this is the last of the hinted at relationship.

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@redwingx said:

I don't understand how you can be fine with what happened in Grayson Future End which was a big slap to all BarbaraxDick shippers but not this lol?

Dick is also about to sleep with a random chick by the looks of the preview of Grayson 3. Not to mention this was doomed to happen with how isolated Dick Grayson is now. He is dead and can never tell that he's alive. Barbara is moving on with her life.

Barbara is also not an object that Jason can steal or use.

@jayaaerow I disagree. Roy and Jason works very well.

Well, my objection to Jason/Babs really isn't because I ship BarbaraxDick because to be honest, it's an overrated pairing. But I will say in Grayson Future's End, I initially misread that whole exchange, what the scene between Barbara and Dick was trying to do was draw parallels between Bruce and Helena because there has always been this perception that Helena Bertinelli is the female version of Batman. There were other parallels as well, from the conversation that Bruce had with Dick regarding wearing bright colors so criminals can see him to Helena convincing Dick to get a Spyral tattoo so that their enemies can see he works for Spyral. Also there was the parallel between Bruce's philosophy towards murder and responsibility to Helena's philosophy towards murder. So, while people could interpret that scene as throwing dirt on Dick/Babs (in fact many on tumblr did), I think they missed the main point of that exchange.

My main objection is how about 80% of what we've read about Jason Todd in the new 52 hasn't felt like Jason Todd and instead like Dick Grayson and as a result, his character really hasn't been able to carve a unique stamp on the DCU because he's just treading over what his predecessor already did in another continuity. A potential Jason/Babs pairing is kind of the last straw for me, because I believe Jason has potential but it's been squandered in the new 52. I remember the original plan for Infinite Crisis was to have Dick die and have Jason take over as Nightwing, well it seems as though we're getting something very similar, except DC is able to have their cake and eat it too as they can still make money with a Grayson solo (which comes out tomorrow, really excited) but still have Jason Todd take his place in the DCU. Since this change is temporary, I really think it does nothing good for Jason in the long run, in fact I could say that Jason's entire journey through the new 52 will ultimately weaken his character in the long run.

I have no problem with Barbara Gordon hooking up with another character while Dick Grayson remains "dead" because Dick doesn't own her in fact I really don't mind all that much if she never hooks up with Dick in the new 52. But hooking her up with Jason, a character who has taken so much from Dick in the new 52, only because Dick isn't around is insulting to all three characters, even if it's temporary.

Well said. I 100%% agree.

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@scouterv said:

@youknowwhattodo: When I read the term "Outlaw" in the context, I took it to mean something closer to "Outcast." Jason and Roy have been considered the Black Sheep for various reasons by their closest relationships (Arrow kicking Roy to the curve when he found out he was junkie, and Batman having a hard time tempering Jasons' aggression, and how he dealt with his return.) Kori is a little different in that she's something of an outcast on Earth by her nature.

@richardjohngrayson: You mean this history that was distorted by Flashpoint? Besides, do we really need more street-level vigilantes?

Dick and Babs history hasn't been changed that much in the new 52. Their care for each other has been covered in the New 52 a bunch of times.