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Joe 90 Top Secret... the first frontier! 0

As an Englishman, I approach this issue with a certain amount of pride; Joe 90 Top Secret #1 was certainly a more faithful of Kirk (referred to as "Captain Kurt" for some reason) than Gold Key's Trek comic, typos aside - the crew's all there (even Navigator Bailey... yeah, me neither) and their dialogue is true to the show, none of GK's "Galloping galaxies!" nonsense.Lindfield's art is dynamic and a little moody. Most importantly, the characters look like the actors who played them - that's two-...

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It's Star Trek, Jim... but not QUITE as we know it. 0

This story is a landmark in many ways; not only is it the first of the GK Star Trek comics that adheres to a schedule (the previous 9 comics had come out over a period of about 2 years), but it is often the issue most used to prove just how dippy Gold Key's Trek comics were.First, the bad news: Yes, a genie does actually grab The Enterprise mid-flight. The good news is, it happens on page 2, at which point the story moves swiftly on to something comparatively more believable. The dialogue isn't ...

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Gold Key, boldly gambling on something that could've flopped! 0

Tie-in comics that continue long after the show has been cancelled are one of comicdom's more interesting concepts; Buffy The Vampire Slayer is now on its ninth season thanks to Dark Horse, and Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic started as a tie-in to the still-celebrated SatAM cartoon. But Gold Key was wielding a double-edged sword by continuing the Star Trek comic, almost two years after the show had been cancelled. But they stuck with it and, as this issue shows, they chose wisely.The plot is ...

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A hidden gem! 0

One thing fans of Disney comics always seem to do - myself included - is that we only remember Barks and Rosa. Granted, they are still the best writers and artists who ever created tales of half-dressed ducks, but they are by no means alone. The main story in this issue was written by Bob Gregory, and you honestly can't tell it wasn't written by Barks himself. It certainly must've been good, for McDuck's creator to draw the story.But that's not the gem to which my title refers. The back-up story...

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Apparently the Second Coming happened last month. Welp. 0

(Anybody scratching their head at the title of my review, head over here for an explanation)  So, Bomb Queen has shaken off the dreaded schedule slip - which apparently comes to all Image publications at some point - and is back on track (kind of) with getting those silly nerds on the internet all a-ragin'. Oh, those silly nerds, with their opinions and their wi-fi connections and their hula hoops and their children's card games!  News flash, Jimmie; just because you put what some people ...

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This took 14 months to publish 0

I just want you to look at the title of my review, and think about it. Fourteen months - over a year. Planetary #27 took three years to come out, does that mean Bomb Queen v6 #2 is about a third as good?  Of course not, it's Bomb Queen - it's always been adolescent twelfth-rate garbage.  I see Jimmie Robinson (not to be confused with James Robinson, who actually has talent) has already come along to review this - not that I blame him. After all, his previous work was so bland and unorig...

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What on alternate Earth IS this? 0

 I'll tell you what it is; a jumbled mess of a comic, with utterly horrendous "plot" and art that, whilst competent, is often distracting in its overwhelming desire to titillate for no readily apparent reason. Doug Moench makes many mistakes here, that unfortunately he would repeat in his other Elseworlds stinker " Act Of God" - bad characterisation, cheesy dialogue, horrendous pacing and plot holes you could navigate the Batmobile, Batboat and Batplane through. I have no prob...

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