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All Ages Means All Ages 0

Lets start with a quick heads up, I'm already convinced that Robert Kirkman is a great comic book writer. There, now you know my bias as I talk about how much I enjoyed this book. When someone sets out to write an all ages book the best thing you can do, as an adult comic book reader, is assume it's not made for you. This is the only way you can survive in the world without hating most all ages books. This book on the other hand is a portal back to childhood. Kirkman stands by his multi-layered ...

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From someone who never read Fantastic Four 0

Marvel comics grabbed my allegiance at a young age mainly because they had the best cartoons on T.V. and that was my only access to the comic world. So as an Adult when I finally moved from my small town without a comic book shop to a large city, with multiple great shops in my neighborhood, I had made it a point to try and know as much about the Marvel universe as I could. Yet for some reason I never got around to reading anything with the Fantastic Four name on it, until I heard about the FF. ...

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The Professor Walks Again 0

At this point in the X-men catalog Professor X's origin story is pretty lame. What we know about him is this he served in the Korean War, has a dead dad, and lost the use of his legs because something fell on him. Not really the things great leaders are made out of, but this all changes in X-men #117. After a brief check in on how the X team is doing this issue jumps right into the action.  The Good  I should say before we talk about the story that Chris Claremont and John Byrne's way of leaving...

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