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I love when heroes change their costumes. I never understood why people don't like new costumes or want them to remain in the same dated and boring looks. Comics are a visual medium and costume aesthetics are apart of that. Why can't we let a artist show off their talent and design a truely great costume. Lots of times the different outfits in Alternate universes are better than the originals. Yeah we might get  an ugly one every now and again but sometimes we get a new uniform that's really great. Change is good sometimes. 
And I love Wonder Woman's new look. I hope it stays around for awhile.
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That's the vibe I'm getting as well. A group of people who have lost folks close to them because of Logan so they go after the people he is close with in retaliation.
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Agreed. Aaron is really pulling out the tricks with this story. I was kind of wary of a Wolverine goes to Hell story but it's actually been interesting. The Red Right Hand are becoming some of my favorite Wolverine obsessers.

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Yes it was epic! Highly recommended.
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I was just wondering if anyone else read the back up about Amiko in Wolverine 2?! It was awesome and any type of development for Amiko is good especially if it's done by the guy who has got me interested in Wolverine stories again. Jason Aaron really had her shine and her being "so #@%* bored?" was the best.  
I especially loved seeing her cut into Hellverine while reading him the riot act about missed birthdays and broken promises. She's amazing.
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I totally wish it would have been Copycat. I hope she returns soon.
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@G-Man said:

"I mentioned the Heroes For Hire. It's the 'assassin' part that throws it off. Also, who did this art? Looks like McNiven to me. "

I believe it's Harvey Talibao. I know it was definitely him who did the Elektra one so I assume he's doing all of the teasers.
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It's unknown whether it's his or not. Given her powers it could possibly be the dead being reborn from her womb. *shudder* 
He is supposedly going to be appearing in the X-books again soon so maybe we will get the follow up to the baby story and Threnody one day.
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Oh no I hated their relationship
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This book is going to be epic. Remender is fantastic. Opena is great. Psylocke, Wolverine, Arachangel, Fantomex, E.V.A., and Deadpool(who is okay sometimes) and it's been said that the cast will expand so Domino might even come back.
And the K&Y X-Force wasn't cancelled. They left the book due to other projects. Kyle said he was going to be doing more work on the animation side of things and yost hhas some projects of his own. They always planned to leave after Second Coming and that's why the book has a new creative team. Sales weren't low at all.

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