Who do think is best for Wally West?

• Artemis (Young Justice) • Jinx (Teen Titans) • Fire (He had a crush on her in JL Unlimited) • Other Personally I think Artemis is best for Wally West. What do you guys think? (Need the info for my DC Remake)


If Dick Grayson married someone, who?

So there are 3 girls that I know have a love relationship with Dick Grayson. The first and most popular one would have to be Barbara Gordan (batgirl). Now the story would make sense if Barbara married Dick because if Dick married Barbara then it would show that Dick is a good character and that he would look after Barbara even though she's a handicap. In the comics she gets her legs moving again and then something happens with dick and her causing them to have a fight then Barbara telling him to get out of his life or something like that I can't really remember but they never link up. Another one I know of is Starfire. It would make sense that Starfire marries dick because it would make Dick look like a better character because even though Starfire is a alien, Dick puts those differences aside. But in teen titans him and Starfire break up. The last one I know of is Zatanna in Young Justice. It would make sense because they are both superheroes and obviously they like each other. So you guys decide and if there is someone I missed please tell me who and why they should marry dick.


My justice league fan cast

Bruce Wayne/ Batman: Jeffrey Donovan

Clark Kent/ Superman: Henry Cavill

Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman: Taylor Cole

Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds

Barry Allen/ The Flash: Michael Rosenbaum

J'onn J'onzz/ The Martian Manhunter: Carl Lumbly

Arthur Curry/ Aquaman: Chris Hemsworth

Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow: Justin Hartley

That is my Justice League fan cast though I'm not 100% sure about the last two. Feel free to comment. No trolls!!


Idea for a justice league movie!!

I have a justice league movie idea. After watching, the avengers assemble, young justice episodes, justice league: doom and other movies I have thought of an idea for a justice league movie. Coming up with this idea I had to think of the small details that movie producers don't think about for example in the avengers movie they did not explain how Thor went back to earth, why did all the enemies die when iron man blew up their ship, and how did hulk control his rage. Things like this needs to be thought about. I think what the producers of the avengers movie did with having movies for each character before making the movie was a great idea, a great idea that should be used. My idea has a movie for each main member of the justice league in this order:

> Batman: The Caped Crusader

> Superman: Hero of Metropolis

> Wonder Woman: Amazon Princess

> Green Lantern: Emerald Gladiator (Emerald Knight has been taken)

> Flash: The Scarlet Speedster

> J'onn J'onzz: The Martian Manhunter

> Aquaman: King of Atlantis

> Green Arrow: The Emerald Archer

Each movie is the origin of each hero but it would be my version of their story, the main parts of their origin will be the same like for example Bruce Wayne's parents getting killed by Joe Chill, it's just that their will be a few changes and added parts to their origin to make it better. At the end of each movie it will show you a clue for the Justice League movie. There is one major changes to the story that I am unsure of. In the comics Batman does not get married so I thought it would make sense if he did because it would fill the hole that the death of his parents made so I thought who should batman marry. The first people that came to mind were Tahlia Al Ghul and Catwoman. But the thing is, they are both villains. I know in the comic Tahlia Al Ghul and Batman have a son, Damian Wayne but Tahlia Al Ghul is a assassin. Catwoman just toys with him mainly, she and Batman do have a daughter in the comics but that was in a different dimension. Now I know people can change but their ways but I thought maybe it's best if they refused not to change and try to convince batman to join them. I remembered in justice league the tv series, batman and wonder woman kind of had a love connection so I thought maybe batman should marry her, they're both superheroes and batman would be better off with her. Now if they do get married then it would be in the last justice league movie because if he gets married then he would retire. But if batman married wonder woman it would be kind of weird if she was stronger than him so maybe wonder woman should have this thing that give her, her powers so that when she takes it off she has no powers, or does she already have something like that, I'm not sure. if she does tell me, if she doesn't then tell me if it's a good idea or not and what should give her, her powers. What I also thought up is maybe Diana and Bruce should have been friends they were younger because Diana's mom comes to the city to see what life is like there but leaves because her mother find out out that ares is attacking Themyscira she goes back and never comes back to the city because she thinks men are bad and evil because of ares. That should make Diana and Bruce relationship little more interesting. I don't know guys, please just tell me what you think in the comment section. So guys please tell me what you think, is it awesome, is it good, does it suck, am I crazy. And if you have some ideas please tell me. That's all I have to say, peace out