Moon Knight Bendis Theory

OK, I already know that Bendis is royally screwing up MK, so here is what I think is going to happen in the upcoming Bendis stuff.  I think it will be close to his Daredevil run. Marc will get caught for his crimes or tried for the crimes of MK, and I bet Matt Murdock would be his lawyer (cause that's how Bendis rolls) 

Moon Knight 

Is Spawn Racist?

I was reading through some of the old, first few Spawn issues and I remember the part where Spawn tries to change back into his human form, and he has a serious problem with being white. He'd even rather be a scarred and burned walking corpse than be white. I don't  know abbout you, but I think that is pretty damn racist.

Seriously. He'd rather be dead than be white. That's really pushing it. Anyone else think of this?

Why Hush Should Be In The Dark Knight Rises

Hush is just an awesome character. He is dark, disturbed and the perfect mood for a Christopher Nolan Batman movie. It would work well. It would also be able to focus the movie a bit more on the fact the Bruce Wayne is the main character, too. Not just a filler character for parts between Batman scenes.

With Hush, the movie could be focused more around Bruce Wayne's past and personal life. I think it's a good idea. What do you think?

Iron Fist's New Costume


This was just freakin' epic: 


I'm just hoping it will be permanent. It definitly makes him look more modern and powerful. 
What do you think of it? Personally, I think it's awesome, but it probably won't be temporary  
cause of the cover for the new Heroes for Hire:


Jason Todd as Red Hood

Was this one of the most unexpected things you've ever seen? I mean, he's dead in the comic universe and out of all comics for about 4 decades, then he comes back cooler than ever. Who else honestly suspected Red Hood was Jason Todd while reading the "Under the Hood" story arc for the first time. And then he makes a comeback 

Red Hood
Jason Todd Batman
after for a short peroid as an AWESOME Batman. Has he become this awesome? I'd think it's safe to say, yes.

Daredevil NEEDS A Reboot

Who else thinks he DESPERATELY needs a reboot?  
I do.   
His original movie FAILED and SUCKED. There has been talk of a Daredevil reboot being released in 2012 or so, but as I said, he needs it. He's one of the biggest, major MARVEL characters, and he should be recognized as such in media. Please comment if you feel the same. 


Could Kick-Ass Have Been a Hit...

After finding out that the Kick-Ass movie started development when there was only 2 comics out it, got me thinking, "Would Kick-Ass Have Been So Popular If Mark Millar Wasn't So Popular?" The obvious answer is yes, but it would have taken a hell of a lot longer to get the popularity of it as high up there as it is today. Either ways, it would still kick-ass, but it might have just taken alot longer for everyone to notice it and realize it kick-ass. 

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