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Mac Gargan, if he counts.

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People have been wanting to get rid of them a month after they first appeared. At least its not at the level that it once got at anymore.

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Yes. Yes he was, most definitely. Absolutely. Without a doubt.

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From the beginning of the novel (Meaning assuming there are no twists and such):

  1. Yes, the government did it.
  2. They didn't, it was publicised, everyone knew that one class would be a part of it, just not which. The main character (or one of them) recalled watching the last winner being interviewed on tv.
  3. Uh, I don't think so.
  4. There was a reason, but I really can't recall what it was. I read the beginning a while ago, and haven't picked it up in ages.
  5. ^

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Fight Club.

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@sandman_ said:

@revamp: I told you not to call me that! But at least I am here unlike goldilocks and He-raper. Lol

You did? Woops, sorry man. LOL, fair.

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@raiiyn: Oh Oh Oh, I have a gif for this situation somehow:

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@humanrocket: No cake, but I still did plenty of the other things. Thanks man!

@sc: Haha, thank you SC. The day was indeed great.

@jake_fury: It definitely was one, thank you bro.

@theacidskull: Thanks a bunch, skull. :)

@laflux: I remember that quite well, actually. Funnily enough, I feel like it was one of the few moments where I was unjustly a bit of an asshole. And thank you.

@jwwprod: You don't need to find me, I'm here, but thank you for the good intentions :P

@god_spawn: Thank you, Gos.

@consolemaster001: Thanks!!!!!

@supernategames: Thank you man.

@tifalockhart: Thank you!! Also, good taste in FF characters!

@deranged_midget: Oh, you're in the right place brah, this is just a cover. Its not actually my birthday, that's just the cover. We're actually fighting against the oppression of comic corporations that feed us horrible comics.

@sandman_: Its called a birthday Primmothy, its something people celebrate once a year? I'm not sure you're familiar with it, but that's what this is :P

@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: Thanks yncg.

@dragonborn_ct: Hahahaha, thanks man.

@arturocalakayvee: The Nightwing Butt scandal? I don't think there was ever such a thing, but hey, I guess the victors can rewrite history as they please lol, so we'll just act as if such a scandal existed. Thank you.

@xwraith: Thanks! ;)

@samimista: Hahahaha, thank you Sammi!

@mercy_: Yes, a year closer to death. Thank you for the reminder, Dear :P

@raiiyn: Thanks for the thread, Rai Rai! And I totally still hate you for the Nightwing thing.

Sorry for the bump, but I feel bad not having thanked everyone and I've only had the time now. Its been a crazy week.

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Wait, what. I don't want them cosplaying as Nightwing o.o.