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@PlasticBag: It's been a while, so I don't remember much. I don't think he was in many fights, and the only other person who had powers was his female equivalent, Jessie XX. The biggest advantages I can remember him having is a mind strong enough to read attacks and counter. He started developing other powers near the end but they weren't offense based.

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Oh hey I remember this thread.

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Sounds good

And I agree that making things 1 pt complicates things. Flash/smoke grenades can be effective in strategic situations, so they should be 5 pts. If the points dont feel justified, then make the quantity more than 3.

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15 pts just seems too low. I think 20 would be better. Then possibly 30 for 2, and 40 for 4.

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I was thinking the same, but I'd say they should be even higher. In Dedmans first C-A-T, 4 tentacles was worth 50 points, and a single tentacle was worth 20.

Also: If anyone would like to refer to the original tourney, here's a link.

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Have to agree with the lightsabre point increase, 20 is the lowest I could see it being.

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Yep, we're actually in the process of creating the tourney so I don't see why not.

Unless we have too many people already or something.


You're really taking the initiative, thanks bro. I haven't read your latest suggestions, but from what I have read I haven't seen any problems.

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I am a little, but it just seems like his computer has taken quite a hit, plus with having a child he's probably busy. As long as he himself is ok, I wouldn't be worried.

My stuff:

Offensive Equipment:

Trick Boomerangs - (Batman or Captain Boomerang! You choose!) - 15 pts

The Conch - (GCI) - 10 pts

Defensive Equipment:

Advance Backpack - (Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter) - 15 pts

Spring Boots - (GCI) - 10 pts

Conventional Equipment:

2x Motion Sensors - (GCI) - 15 pts

1x Suit Case Turret - (James Bond) - 10 pts

2x Laser Trip Mines - (James Bond) - 10 pts

3x Bear Traps - (GCI) - 5 pts


3x Spike Grenades - (Resistance) - 10 pts

3x Air Fuel Grenade - (Resistance) - 10 pts

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200? I thought dedman was going with 100.

I'll look for the suggestions I made for the list and guess some values, since I didn't do that initially.

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We would all have to agree on the point values for everything.