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(Naruto fans will understand this more than most, but I suppose it'll make sense to others too, "PnJ", or Plot no Jutsu, is what has been making Sasuke win all his fights, the writer likes him too much)  Be aware that this has some language, but god damn that was hilarious to me

Originally Posted by ♣Uchiha God♣
Sasuke now in undoubtedly the most powerful beast in the manga now that Itachi's dead, why?

Sasuke's "That Jutsu", thought to be "Kirin", is actually a misunderstanding. It should be fucking obvious that Sasuke's "That Jutsu" is, and always has been, "PnJ", the most powerful fucking Jutsu besides Susano'o.

No one can fuck with that. Kishi won't allow it. Orochimaru was beaten because of it. Sasuke blew Deidara up cause of it, and hell, Sasuke'd solo Pein because his fillerosity can't match up to Kishi's mighty hand himself. Hell, it was only cause of Kirabi's massive win that he was able to even survive Sasuke's PnJ. He killed him twice and realized that was doing shit, so he had to resort to his Bijuu to save his ass.

Sasuke's victories are so highly accepted and expected that they don't even have to make sense anymore

That is the raw power of PnJ at it's finest. Sasuke can't lose. The most that his enemies can do is survive.

Then look here, Sasuke finally gets up to his brother and realizes something, "Aw shit! My PnJ isn't workeeng!!!" Lol that's right. Not even PnJ could save Sasuke from Itachi, even if it was making Itachi throw the fight, go blind, and eaten up from the inside. He was still too fucking strong. Kishi had to give Itachi a jutsu that would force him to kill himself, it was the only thing he could do to bring this son of a bitch down.

<Stealthy Reentrance>

Haaaayyyyyy guys

My recent absence has been due to a move, I got an awesome new house x3, I just got internet connection back, and while I probably wont be on as much as I used to be, Ill still be on as much as I can, I know you missed me ;P

My only complaint is the amount of work my family didnt help with during the move, and how much bitching I have to listen to every day



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Seems true enough, hahaha

Don't Mind this one either, hahaha

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0% Like him, but hey he's my top

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Isn't that just beautiful



That's all I have to say...just a few bugs to pick out and then I'll be set :)


And todays new ******* of the vine is....

I'm gonna hand it to DARK JIGSAW for today

I don't know if all of you saw his glorious posting spree, but I think I will forever remember that moment. I question what drives users to make such sheer acts of stupidity sometimes, but then I remember I was born into the human race and that I am doomed to be an acquaintance of an outcast in the world of mental capacitation.

Why would someone make fun of a little thirteen year old kid on a website about comic books by making accounts like this? I would really like to knwo what drives people to be such idiots sometimes, I mean Im assuming they're trying to get themselves banned

thank you zero edge for killing all these threads....

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