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All these bitches half ass I shouldn't have to come in a day off someone should instead kick these asses into high gear :P lazy I say lazy!

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@the_shogun: where would Ivana be now after the Shootout fight? A post for Fang I'm thinking will be dropped after work as I started to get ideas I was happier with

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Sensai Embers will be a key part to another alts back history

Is a notorious exaggerator

Cassandra doesn't pay much attention to most events of the world. Having no idea really of the Arcani past for example

Amanda on the other hand thinks it's more fiction then fact and as such had no concern leading her and her sister into their grasp.

Amanda is more aware of the world at large though she's still a teen and as such has perhaps less concern at times then she should.

Despite a sense of obliviousness however one of the sisters almost always has an idea for whatever might happen around them. How to endure or escape if need be.

Cass does not believe in tech of the week and takes offense to the very notion of it.

While the sisters have an idea where Amanda's abilities might go amidst training neither is quite sure of Cassandra's

Still they sought Embers for Cassandra as her current Mobile Suit is dangerous to her body and they believe the Art of the Solar Disk will resolve the risk and concern.

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"We should see that Raf guy, you see those looks he's got to be a master of this solar disk thing." Remarked the redhead nerd, she had the genius to construct a machine that could fight at a third the speed of light but was a dits in regard to the world abroad. There was a reason Amanda managed intel and data while Cassandra did the piloting.

"Not everyone is a master of some Arcani art. What do you think Huntington knows the Arcani martial art to?"

"Naw. But wouldn't it be cool if every hot person was some pedigree of combat."

"Right because the world needs more inflated egos with power." The two got a laugh and then the jade haired younger sister continued. "Even if he was I doubt he'd take us as students two nerds aren't going to help in his quest against the people who wronged this country. We're best off looking for someone else to learn from."

"Wanting to master Khuenaten right? You want to go to Sensai Embers. The man claims to have been taught by Amaranthe himself. He started out as just a small pyrokinetic now he claims able to craft a fire as roaring as the plank temperature." Remarked a young teen with a physique that seemed more akin to Allegiance then a highschool student.

"It's pronounced Planck and I highly doubt a simple pyro got to such a heat as that. It's well beyond feasible scope. Still thanks for the tip." Cass remarked in gratitude and snark, the young man pointed and the pair had their heading.

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@dreadpool10: both series are good I'd agree though that Brotherhood was better had a more polished story. Also love alchemy as a power set. One of my favorite alts of all time was a cross between FMA and Lucy from Elfen Lied (stopped using her as she completed her arc)

@shogun_of_sarcasm: I'd be willing to help <3

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@rexorr: good post though I believe Hawk uses a mace. Vocal is the one who uses a katana and Vocal likely wasn't down there as she's at an extraction point. Also for future reference you want to avoid saying what another character says. For example I'd want to write what Vocal says but I wouldn't want to say what Rex says as Rex isn't my character. No need to edit it's just me giving feed back for future reference ^.^


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@the_shogun: that's true it's something that can't really be avoided even if you try lol. In other news the arc of Khuenaten and the Thirdgate sisters begins now. <.< have time for 1 more post before work all my other activity is caught up so might as well start another.

"The art of the Arcani is why we are here." Remarked the younger Thirdgate. The two had just gotten out of a large truck. It'd taken an hour to get it cleared thanks to what was in back. And after all that they were warned by seven different people they'd be dead within a second if they tried anything. Of course whole thing could of been avoided if they didn't bring Requiem but Amanda knew she'd never convince Cassandra to go anywhere without her 'baby' as she called the several ton mechanical behemoth. They were dressed in outfits remenescent of a school uniform the two rather liked the attire for something casual. It was also frequent attire becaus Amanda never did laundry when it was her turn.

"Right I've heard of them they're finest runs this place right?" Inquired the redhead sister known as a prodigy of engineering. "But why do we care about the arts of the arachni? I build robots not webs sis."

"Arcani not arachni dumb ass. And we're here because their martial arts."

"Stop right there you know I don't want to be a ninja showboat. Gym allready annoys me."

Her sister sighed. "We are here for the art of the solar disk nothing else."

"You mean what that bald kid tossed at a giant monkey in that dragon orbs c show."

"Ball Z and no. It's a mastery of ones body and mutation. It's how you will become not only an ace pilot but one who also doesn't need a bunch of drugs just to manage her machine."

"I told you I'd fix it." To opperate her machine and it's high octane speeds required a list of injections and so on that could prove hazardous in the long run.

"You'll do it eventually but before eventually you might be dead. Besides this will also boost are abilities engineering you've no reason to complain. Other then the fact you can't be in a lab or in your mech all day."

"That's a perfectly fine com ain't but fine. Let's go become masters of the arachnid bald kid of DBZ technique lead the way."

"Ugh that's not what it's called and I've no idea where to go from here." The younger sister commented her annoyance not helping her bad sense of direction at all. "If it makes you feel better however I'm sure you could craft a device that let's you perform the move of the anime you don't even like." She made the remark as a jest and with a roll of forest green eyes but couldn't help but smile. There was no hiding that Cassandra's present expression was of her thinking of such a device.

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That was fun >.> I missed these two

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Elysia was bright as always. Even when hours ago news was getting around of a giant that waltzed through the ocean they weren't afraid. That was because at any time all an Elysian had to do was gaze to the horizon and they would be reminded who they were. For before them backed by azure skies and the beautiful landscape over the wall was the brass statue of Doom. These monoliths of art served as a never endin reminder that they were safe. So they continued to work and play all but two.

"Ow! Amanda you know not to use the blow torch when I'm down here!"

"Cass you know if you ask me to help you build something I'm probably going to use the blow torch." The sister countered continuing to mold metal with searing heat. "Besides your supposed to be tough as nails so stop being such a baby."

"Why would I be tough as nails?" The redhead asked with an arched brow. She'd never understood why her dad or sister thought her strong, not even after having been told plenty of times.

"Think about it you built a mobile suit that goes what the third the speed of light. Even with your gravity devices that's a lot of g force you have to endure. You leaped to join Doom's forces without question. You allready are starting to rival some of their finest."

"I'm just smart, shut up." With that a small alarm flaired Cass looking to the screen upside down. A wave of her hand and a small robot rolled toward her with the video screen rotating it for the engineer. "Ha I knew it."

"Knew what?" Inquired her sister looking at the monitor. It's information was vague to say the least and mostly in binary looked more like Matrix openings then any actual data.

"Aliens will be coming soon. And that planet has some serious shit going down to." With a flip she got to her feet ran to a computer and began to put in a code to seal what the sisters had been working on. "See a while back I'd picked up alot of traffic on this thingy when a planet came into orbit. So I launched some stuff to scout whatever and keep me posted. See that?"

"The eighth row of ones and zeroes thirty five digits down?"

"Yeah that, that's them. I don't know who them is but that's them. And they've got a fleet coming. That's why we built this." As the device closed Amanda realized it to be a rocket. It'd be enough to get the Requiem into orbit devices inside the rocket were evidently a flight prototype for the giant mechazoid.

"Cass! The Req wasn't built for space combat. Taking on a fleat is going to be havoc on the body. Destiny is only outfitted with a total of fifteen rounds that's not going to best some alien armada. On top of that why in the hell would you not tell someone ahead of time!" The jade haired little sister was rightfully furious.

"Could you stop yelling" the elder sister commented as she uncupped her ears. "We'll just have to hope in not the only one up there then. And how was I supposed to know I was supposed to tell someone about alien invasion forces." Her sister's eye visibly twitched in frustration "you should do something about that."

With that Cassandra Thirdgate moved to take refuge into the pilot seat that was like a second home to her. And Amanda moved to a series of monitors computers and keyboards. "Systems ready" the pair stated in harmony as they ran the checklist they knew by heart. So familiar with the machinery even add one were easily integrated. And soon enough the ground oppened up and the Requiem took off encased in an egg like rocket that raced skyward.

With a blazing trail the machine pierced the atmosphere and soon broke into the heavens stars reflecting off the polished steel. With what would of been a hiss if not for the soundlessness of space the egg cracked in a rather needlessly artistic design. Bursting open to form a series of mechanized wings laced with thrusters. It was both beautifully crafted yet crude being still just a prototype. The tangerine and crimson mech revealed itself ready to take on whatever forces might come. Apart of her wanted to break off in pursuit of the massive energy signature on the alternate planet. Something told her however that might not be best for a machine however. In fact not long ago she saw a mech be thrown by a mutant in Tokyo if the energy signature was of some people like that she was almost sure she hated the idea of going down there. Wreckage of said machine told Cass she'd be rebuilding her baby for like days. And while remodeling was fun repairs she found to be a bitch to go through.

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@the_shogun: thanks ^.^ I try admittedly I think some of my characters often sound a like but some of that can't be helped