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@antonia: damn it lol Antonia >.> I keep making that mistake. Catch it usually this time I failed v.v

Anyone does anything they get a Mew Mew(best part of Thor 2 lol) like blade to the face!

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But that'd be to simple! You got a list of people not here. Why leave the most sought after terrorist in a place like that? They also now know Noir Rose is likely based in Avalon or near it. Holding such a target would not be wisely done in someone's base. And first and for most all the tech and companies in my opinion at least suggest Arturia knows what she is doing lol

I might, got work to leave for soon. If nothing's really going down I'll fight myself. If something is going down maybe I'll just kick everyone's ass >.>

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@antonia: (I figured he wasn't that would be way to obvious lol. I'd hope nobody really thought it'd be that easy)

Disfractioned that was most saw the lady of fire. What was an Arcani member if never really around the Arcani? What was a Choir member if they weren't aiding a Arcani member. The clandestine mutant armada gave their people purpose, ways to be useful. But Requiem was the wayward child. Her usual halo dropped into that of the signifies choir mask concealing her features.

From a rooftop across from the illustrious facility she was perched. "In all likely hood he isn't there. To simple. However if ever there was a time to attempt a breach now would be it. So many players being at the conference. And only a few here, and if the receptionist is it I'm not impressed." The psychic angel remarked to herself trying to get a feel for the situation. She wasn't sure if she should so much as bother getting involved. Still however Destiny resided in close proximity there didn't need to be genocide of either side she believed, however Amaranth was not someone who should be a casualty of any war she believed.

(Just dropping her here in case something goes down. Maybe I'll fight myself even idk lol)

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Thankfully her agility had evaded the atomic spray in her decent though she did give the man props in her head. In a uncontrolled environment even a miss could be effective, for the moment though it wasn't enough. Similarly her own attacks were wasted as the armor absorbed the heat for the most part. Leading the angel of fire to realize she was against Vibranium.

She began to sheath her blades as a kick impacted with her ribs, the Choir member briefly gasping for air as she was sent back, and a rib had been broken to make the pain worse. Training however allowed her to ignore it and thus as she moved her hands were at work small microscopic wires coming out in an almost invisible preattack. As her opponent came the wires would fall behind her opponents feet. As the fist bruised her shoulder an opening would allow the cords to move around the wrist. And as she evaded the pressure point with her own impressive speed she'd place a wire around the arm. Then as the attack became hers she would move backwards in a almost dance like spin. The artistic movement designed to hopefully tighten mono molecular razor wire around wrist arm and leg tripping and perhaps even wounding her prey.

Following which she would target a singular atom in each lens of the helmet. Wide spread energy would just be absorbed, however Vibranium did have an absorption limit. Once reached the explosion could be catastrophic. By focusing on the visor the durability was slightly less. By focusing on two singular atoms limit was also decreased slightly. She charged the molecules with a ever climbing outrageous heat. It might scorch her opponents face and it might blind him. Or it could lead to a explosion in ones helmet that otherwise would be fatal if not in a controlled environment. Regardless Destiny felt confident she had performed an unexcapable victorious end blow, but then again she didn't know her foe.

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Kayle Rez will be fighting along side Grimm

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Rapidly the stage was set placing the two on opposing teams with legions of holographic projections going at it. An open field beginning to be littered with bodies as sunlight reflected off armor of the fallen. Complicated machinery recognized mental projections of the angel of fire allowing her to further advance through combat. Those she didn't slay either killed themselves or turned on brothers in arms.

Because of this the crimson haired Arcani closed the distance between her and Atomkill. Her assault was instant, any wounds they suffered the Vanguard medical bay would recover, so why should she be reluctant? Plus one could not measure ones worth holding back. Her dual short swords began to burn ligitimantly hot as the sun. A thrust for the left lung, followed with a slash aimed to cleave gun in two and perhaps take an arm with it. The first assault ended with an attempt to circle around her prey and get a slash to the back of the neck.

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@_glacier_: is a plot twist a twist if we see it coming lol

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@_glacier_: no relation >.> least that I know of lol. We just have uniforms that match coincidently <.<

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Blows up the moon "suck it!" Ehm I mean I'm in with someone lol