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NEWName: Requiem Eostrix

Birth Name: Destiny Salvat Ion

Age: In her fifties but looks about twenty one or twenty two

Height: 5'6

Weight: 121

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Rank: Eostrix Choir

Powers: Pyrokinesis and Telepathy

Pyrokinesis: Is the ability to manipulate and generate fire, to control its movement and temperature. She has the power to ignite an entire city with just a thought, or she could make a flame so small as to simply burn a singular molecule of the body. Her temperatures can go from turning the smallest thing into a flame hotter then even the sun. Having used Khuenaten she has learned to evolve this power even further. Using fire and heat she can even go as far as to generate objects with 'hard light' or mimic light itself. This has lead her to a variety of additional attacks and skills in combat. One method is to place a wave of heat for her to travel along to a flat surface. She'll traverse it fine but then it might erupt into roaring flames on the enemy. Her explosions might produce volatile laser fire instead. The finest of her abilities though is not in quantity but precision, her sword could be coated in heat greater then the suns and yet one could stand beside it and never know. Naturally this also makes her immune to flame.

Telepathy: Initially Destiny struggled greatly because of this. She could hear the thoughts of everyone in the U.S at first, so painful it was that her nose bled extensively on that first day though few would know that fact. After years and years of training she now can enter presumably any mind on the globe with perpetual ease. They trained her to a point that breaking a psychics mind was to be almost breaking a sweat. As such psychic games rarely if ever work on her, similarly making her immune to things like illusions and a strong resistance to empaths. Psychic Combat: "to make the might of the mind be behind the might of the fist." She has learned not only to use her telepathy for illusions information stunning and so on but to add it as properties of physical nature. She channels it also into strikes triggering pain receptors violently. Psychic Weaponry: borders on bringing the astral plain to life this is a entirely physical construct of psychic energy. Because it is mental force brought into the world and not so much a solid form it bypasses almost all armor and a single cut often means the complete obliteration of ones mind.

Soul Bound: The parameters are unknown but legends and stories of the Vine Hell Championships say that the angel of fire can not die until the demonic gamer Reaver has.


Zadkhiau Nth: She is able to locate the week point of the target or the perfect vantage point of a weapon. Every strike she makes is designed to be critical. Her blade might result in a excessive spurt of blood or a single jab to a chackra point might explode a skull. The sweet spot can never allude her in the things she does. In combat she excels at finding a flaw or opening in an attack or plan. She will even pick up on changes of the eb and flow of combat subliminally. Her actions from both games of mind and body are often willing to wait for just the right moment to obliterate a foe. As an Nth Zadkhiau she is reasonably feared.

Khuenaten Grandmaster: She has trained to master herself. She can easily lift two tons and reflexively dodge bullets. The speed of her movement seems to vanish flowing together poetically. Never does she seem to tire and she's taken blows from super strength users with ease. Her durability and grace is almost supernatural. Along with this she can enter a trance and recover from wounds even severed limbs. This ability is most dominant however in the fact of how it has evolved her pyrokinesis to the point of light bending and projecting lasers, or the fact that she can focus psychic strength into a dominating weapon. It has also allowed her to stay looking in twenties and feeling in her prime despite her age.

Apsolutio: Is a art of perfection, and has led Destiny to be remarkable in acrobatics balance and striking. Able to leap onto rooftops of a house run along walls and more. Her strikes in battle can make use of any angle from any point of origin.

Fractum Adept: The art of prediction. This has taught Requiem how to know how a person feels or what steps a individual might take. Only furthering her skills when in combat.

Abuskhau Adept: This is the art of making ranged actions be as fluid and precise as those of the body. Time after time she can throw a knife sixty feet, or fire an arrow six hundred and sixty feet and hit time after time even when the object is moving. This mixed with her movement of the body can lead to a brutal combination. The true pride to Destiny however is by how she uses this with her mono wire. By combining the two she has essentially long range melee skills instead of range. It can be classified under Abuskhau though it is more a Khuenaten form of Abuskhau. Her body flows with breathless grace as Abuskhau helps her maintain precision in a other wise impossible form. As such opponents with in sixty feet of her are almost like being right next to her.

Eostrix of FireGear: Choir Mask which at times will fold into a halo. This tends to either hover just above the head to give that angelic look, common for combative times; or it resides as a sort of head band, which looks to most almost royal. The truth though is darker the mask keeps her unstable psychic mind in check. Though strikingly beautiful her mind has mutated drastically if she were to lose the mask she would literally be driven insane and mutate into a fiend of the astral plain. However the mask is not just a container of dangers its also an amplifier. The choir is linked together granting a almost flawless communication with the court, only the most psychic sheltered places could stop such a link. This provides information as effective as if not more so then any other method. It simultaneously also grants a precognitive effect. So many talented minds being put to use that she can often comprehend a bulk of the combat outcomes instantly. Using her own mind and the talents of the others she can make use of Clairvoyance to see beyond what most can. Though she aspires to have the distance Albert Eostrix has still, her years of training pale to such a person. Destiny can only perceive continental scales of observation much to her displeasure.

She also tends to carry a pair of swords and a bow with two hundred arrows at the ready. The weapons though strong enough to be used by her daily are nothing overly special yet. Meanwhile her uniforms are generally light and though laced with kevlar nothing overly special. However one special item is the series of monomolecular wire in her suit. Hundreds of these thin cords rest throughout her suit and can be used potently. They can slice through nearly anything and are one of Destiny's favorite weapons. They combine her grace with ranged combat in a way all her own. Most her time has gone to fine running her skills more so then her gear. That said it's hard to say if much gear is needed because of that very fact.

Angel of FireBio: In her early years she lived a rather easy going life in the city of Requiem Colorado. All was well for a time without a care in the world until the day her staggering abilities took effect. Her mind felt like it had exploded from the onslaught of thoughts. Her nose bled as the pressure made her scream in pain. And as she did the entire city was engulfed in flames. As if the mental awareness of so many wasn't hard hearing everyone cry out in burning agony made it even worse. This left the thirteen year old as little more then a crying scared girl with a head splitting headache in the ashes of her home town. That was not however where her story ends, she was soon picked up by one of the Arcani.

Her trainer, her mentor, her tutor and to Destiny her older sister Shirzad. Few ask about that time spent together but never the less it is believed the legendary daughter of Amaranth fought Requiem and introduced her to being a taught member of the Choir. They made her a prodigious psycher further dominating by her second mutant ability. When not being conditioned for the choir she was focused on the various arts. Though her focus was always on Zadkhiau and Khuenaten. They said Zadkhiau while potent was one of the hardest and less rewarding of studies. Others advanced so much as this tended to lead to a single distinctive skill, it was a skill however she desired, perhaps out of pure stubbornness. While the shear destructive might of her abilities and the psychic pain branded to her mind from it she sought Khuenaten. So that when her inferno was released it was what she wanted to transpire. A year ago she partook in the VHC along with Serenity it is through this that she aquired a sense of immortality. Naturaly a wish in hell is corrupt it simply meant she wouldn't age or die, nothing to do with staying intact. However through Fractum she knew this going in it was apart of her plan. She hoped that by having succeeded in the tournament and making such a wish perhaps she could cheat the Nth law of Khenaten

Khuenaten fables and fear.

She dares not go into the Nth degree out of the fear the Arcani has practically placed into her. Though this leaves her troubled as she feels their is still more she can truly master of her abilities. An Sophiormithidae once said that a Nth level would result in a phoenix like state simply destructive fiery will). Having become a grandmaster of Khuenaten not only is her body capable of prodigious feats her abilities have grown on a remarkable level. Not only can she radiate degrees of heat to her hearts content she has absolute control of it. The blade she uses could burn hotter then a sun without so much as being hot to those simply near it. Having learned the quantum mechanics of all fire and heat simple pyromancy has evolved into light manipulation to a degree. She has shown able to create solid constructs of light and fire, though rarely is this to any means besides destruction. However she silently ponders what it would be like to have absolute control. She never approached such an extreme but never the less the thought lingers on her mind in secret.

The best friendName: Miranda Lockard

Court Rank: Sophiornitdae

The twenty two year old is assigned to managing new gear for Destiny. Generally Miranda doesn’t take part in missions however. Miranda Lockard is a Sophiomitdae a member of the court dedicated to science and advancing gear and technology. This woman is also the long time friend of Destiny having been rescued at the age of thirteen by the angel fire Miranda has become a faithful companion. With enough time Miranda thinks she can get a new series of tech and gear a little more fitting of the rest of the Courts known figures.

PRIMEHero Name: Mechanical Angel or Salvat Ion

Other Aliasses: Drom, Requiem, Nightingale

Name:Amber Destiny Nightingale

Age: 17

Height: 5'5"

Eyes: Electric Crystal Blue

Hair: White and blue tends to very always two colors though

Weight: 232

Distingquishing Features: Her clothing always leaves her back exposed. Detailed images of wings are tattoed on her back. Her actual wings come from these marks. Her blue eyes are actually shining like crystals in sunlight or like headlights. A tatto of a cross is beneath her left eye. A cross pendant is around her neck serving as her halo in disguise.

Requiems Past

From an early age Destiny was trained. She was taught to figh for life, peace, and equality. Heaven's war was a secret one waged on earth and purgatory unseen by the human eye. Des was one of the many to be taught to fight for the greater cause. Her parents serving in the army as well spent so much of their time further training their child. Time and time again she was pressed to do more and me more so she could do her part. At the age of sixty five(thirteen) she was asigned to her first battlfield.

A dragon like demon lead the forces against Heaven. In valor and courage Destiny charged forward to confront the opponent. The forces against Heaven were outnumbered fifty to one. When this was learned all hope seemed lost the lead angel being butchered by a blade spliting into dozens and impaling the angel didn't help. Destiny however refused to let them lose faith. She rallied the others and advanced each of them believing that should this be the end atleast they gave it their all. For most it was infact the end.

The quarell raged on and bodies fell again and again. Angel and demon alike. Finally come to the end of the gruesome battle Destiny slammed her blade into the skull of the foul demonic monster that they confronted. All but three angels were dead. Found surounded by dead angels Destiny was to be labeled Requim. Her and the two angelic sisters beside her were from then on known as the Saints of Destiny. For the next sevral years Destiny fought withl them making a name for themselves.

Gabriel held the young angel in the air. His index finger placed under her chin was all he needed to keep her aloft. "You deliberatly put yourself at risk beyond what we can maintain. The war brooding over DarkChild is not your concern. More importantly you have no chance against the demon Azrael." His words echoed in the golden halls of heaven. She tried to halt the spread of darkness but before she could so much as dig a blade into a demon she was plucked from Rigus Mortis. Now after all her efforts she was being shot down. "If to roam earth is what you desire so be it." In a blinding flash she was dropped from the skies to fall to the earth. She went on to join the Champions of Peace as founder of Reedemers.

Andromedas Past

Bio: Amber Oconor normal girl born into a average family was perfectly normal. Nothing to catch the attention of anyone raised to the age of three by John Oconor a regular history teacher and Sarah Oconor a cashier at a popular store for books and movies. Everything was destined to change however after the family crashed. Amber nolonger had family nor did she have any where to go both parents had died and there had appeared to be no imediate family. Biggest issue was her own health though, brain dead from concussion. The odds of geting up was high but it wouldn't be for years. So she resided hospitalized for a year before an organization aproached the hospital with an offer.

Samantha Webber was a genius of enginering nobody outside of the goverment knew but she was well into cybernetics. The ability to modify and improve humans by mechanical means. In desire to have such weapons as soon as possible a program was revised to encorporate cybernetics creating soldiers for the wars to come. Seeking canidates Samantha found her first in Amber. subject zero zero one was to be a weapon. First came the conditioning however. Samantha would take her subject and make her revitalized. From here came molding her into an arsenal of cybernetic weaponry. Then lastly puting her to use so she could evolve into something beyond a mix of flesh and steel.

It started by reanimating and reconstructing the molecules of the skin. In the end this both killed and remade Amber. The girl she was before was now dead. Bones were strengthend to be able to withstand the metal soon to be bonded to them as was the flesh. The next phase was in modifications to the cerebral cortex as well as sensors of the body. Her mind was to be installed with chips to acess the web or phone lines at any given time, Firewall breakers and other devices were added to make hacking no issue. The programing in the mind made her capable of continuing to live and made her a tool but that was a long shot from a weapon still. Next came the physical modifications. Her eyes were injected with a variety of nanites allowing sight equal to any animal and capable of seeing no matter the condition, ears were similarly modified. Once this was done they got into the limbs and their amplifications.

Testing and missions made up the majority of her life up untill the break in. As the facility was attacked and a group of scientists made off with the most recent project Samantha and her first cyborg escaped with them. They had their names changed to Samantha and Dalia Nightingale and were asigned as security for Fitzgerald the most advanced of the cybernetics projects so far. Dalia grew to be closest friends with Fitz and picked up bad habits of taking blame, punches or the fights for him. She has no issue with this be it by ptograming or her own mind doesn't matter to her. Samantha has helped raise Dalia in a real world by using bribes of electronics, weapon upgrades and clothing for her picky tastes.

Mechanical Angel

As the Titans escaped Requiem found herself looking into the eyes of Phorcys a sea monster of a titan. In the ultimant sacrifice the angel gave her life for the city of Champions. Andromeda made the angel in Requiem's place replacing her roll as team leader and figure of the church. Amber isn't used to her new title but she tries to live up to her idols image.

Abilities and Powers:

Flight: armor plated feather wings with rocket propolson

Master Swordsmanship

Super Strength(50 tons)

Super Speed(888mph max)

burden on the damned souls. (Necromancy and darkness or shadow manipulation)


Durability (armor and devine nature make her able to take alot of brunt force)

Pure (best summarised as an exorcism of dark energy, curing of mallicious content. healing)

Saint (light manipulation and ability to summon or generate lightning)


Mechanical Senses(sonar hearing, telescopic sight, data reading finger prints, able to learn and understand languages imediately)

Tactician (being cybernetic she is able to think quicker and shut down emotions and marginal calculations)


Forefather Nova, a blade made of Celestron a metal equivalent to that of the pearly gates. The hilt is intself pearls molded into a handle. The blade made of the heavenly iron is one of the best angelic relics. Currently in the hands of a youthfull angel it is of minmal strength but as she grows so will the blade. The metal Forefather is forged of serves as a kinetic absorber. When the indistructible blade is used to block the energy exerted is harnessed. From there it can be used to the wielders advantage. As of now the most it can do is generate lightning bolts. It also holds the ability te become any bladed weapon or weapons Destiny can think of. With it is also the Nova scythe the counterpart to Azra's Lunas. The blade Forefather can become a scythe and more importantly allows the sword/scythe to chanel Requiem's own abilities.

Through a series of pouches and tech that miniturizes items into small cubes she has a variety of added weapons. At any time she has a heavy arm(rockets, plasma canon, gatling) hack arm(set with micro emp darts, hacking gear beyond her standard abilities) and back up legs eyes and power cells.

Magic Eight Ball: a bolling ball sized orb of mechanical design. Armed with four turrets(100rounds each) sensors and cameras(which tap into Amber's HUD) heated saws capable of cutting diamonds and reacts perfectly at speed of Amber's mind without the slightest delay. Can produce holograms



Durability doesnt stop piercing like it does blunt force

Despite knowledge granted of Requiem Drom herself is still inexperienced

Short attention span at times