So I was recently playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance on Facebook. When I logged on, I saw a silhouette of what look like Mockingbird. Could that she 'll be a new player on the game, Also, can they also add Rogue, Cloak & Dagger, Songbird, Scarlet Witch, X-23, Iceman, & Gambit as well?

Posted by infonation

All I can say is "MAYBE"!

Posted by Renegade_X

I really hope so!

Posted by Cafeterialoca

Go to the forum that is located above the bar and vote for who you want. I will warn you, it's Gambit crazy over there.

Posted by Agypt2020

Cloak and Dagger would make good X-Men, Marvel attempted it briefly. There series was good for awhile, could of been expanded a traditional duo with their own brand of rogues.