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We will watch everyone bleed
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Sh!t just got real!!!

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With Hawk now looking at him, RL accelerated his speed he want to reach him before he had a chance to react. Abruptly, the Renegade came to a stop when he was about four feet away from Hawk. “STOP” he shouted so that Hawk would not attack. He looked him in the eye as he once did before when they were more than teammates, when they were brothers. While still looking at his winged friend he said aloud directing his words to Jake Malcolm, “I see you Twilight, don’t do anything stupid”

Now, he spoke to Hawk holding out the light katana, “Take the blade and put it through my chest” he said. Before Hawk could answer The Renegade spoke again, “something big is coming Hawk, and you need to be alive for it. I once asked you to trust me and now I am asking you again.”

This was not what RL had planned. He had to think quickly because he knew he was now in a position where he was literally running out of time. His escape from Final Arrow was no escape at all, it was all planned by the Essence of Evil. He was letting RL rebuild himself, letting him put his own pieces back together. Arrow must not have seen this coming but either way RL knew that he only had one way out of this.

He took a step closer to Hawk showing him that his intentions were true, that this was not trick, that he needed Hawk to do this for him. “I can’t tell you why or how but this needs to happen” he paused then spoke again, “they spoke of a wish, use it to bring back those whose life you have to take in here, or don’t but either way if you do this for me and I will give you the power to win this game.”

A burst of light emanated from RLs balled up left hand as he held it out and opened it a ring began to hover towards Hawk…..”Hawk Anderson, you have been chosen, welcome to the Renegade Lantern Corps”

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POST!!! We all have something else to fight for now.

Coming your way Hawk

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“ NOOOOO” he screamed as he found himself in the middle of a forest not like his own. It had been over a year since Renegade Lantern was able to set himself free from Final Arrow. He found solace deep in the woods that even he did not know the location of. While there he hunted his own food and tried to find peace for what he had done while under Arrow’s control.

He knew the situation he was in now, kill or be killed and to him that was unacceptable. He swore to never kill again after summing a body count that was over one thousand and he also swore never to be anyone’s puppet again, now that is exactly what he is.

In a fit of anger he flew up into the air faster than he had ever flown before towards The Three who were still hovering over the arena. Just before he was in striking distance he was stopped by an invisible field that rippled throughout the entire island after RL made contact.

“You are trapped dog the only way out is to survive, now do what you have been commanded” says the one on the left. The fury in The Renegade grew and large green fists began to manifest in front of him. Like a boxer fighting for a championship he began to pound on the field that separated him and The Three. The hits were vicious and sounded like thunder throughout the arena, but no matter how hard he tried he did not make a dent.

The Lantern dropped his arms in exhaustion and sweat dripped down the sides of his face as the fists disappeared. He looked up at The Three and simply asked “Why”. The one in the middle spoke this time, “Do not tire yourself human, I can see in your heart, killing is in your nature and removing yourself from the world will not change that.”

The Three wanted a bloodbath so they gave RL and the others an added incentive that would motivate things actions on the island. The one in the middle spoke again “ALL CHAMPIONS, whoever is the winner will not be the person solely responsible for saving the planet, we will grant them one wish.

Quickly the Renegade’s mood changed and he thought of his former glory as the Hero of Heroes, if he can win this contest he could have all the evil he had done erased. He turned his back on The Three and a hard light construct of a katana manifested in his right hand. He shot forward like a rocket surveying the arena and noticed wings in the air that were familiar to him. He was locked in now and ready to break yet another bond.

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Great Job
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 After the time stream opened RL found himself in front of Sha. She was a diverse thinker and warrior. With a quick move she was able to escape the fiery shower of green energy he had thrown at her by going through a portal.

As she reappeared her body spun vigorously making a tornado of debris from the wrecked Times Square which was complimented by an additional tornado made out of dark energy. RL saw the tornadoes but before he could react a dark energy monster that was also manipulated by Sha emerged. RL made a monster of his own to combat the dark energy monster and as they engaged RL was caught by blast that Sha had sent his way. It sent him into debris tornado which slung him into the dark one. He twirled around in the dark tornado for a few seconds until he finally managed to break free slamming into the ground and tumbling in the ground 8 complete times.

He stood and threw up from the the devastating motions. The Renegade ribs were now feeling the toll and quickly need repair. RL stood frozen and scanned the area using his the electromagnetic properties of his ring and was able to locate Sha on top of a building.

"Enough cough is enough" said the Hero of Heroes and he began to focus on his target. A green ball developed around his body with his green light energy. It grew larger and larger until it superseded the size of the building that Sha was sitting atop. RL fired a blast from within his ball towards thebuilding  that once it hit it caused a chain reaction that began to bring the structure down.

Not a second later the ball imploded back into RL's body forming an aerodynamic envelope around him that sent his engulfed body flying towards Sha reaching his top speed of Mach 10. Using the momentum of his speed and a spark of light energy that was settled in his left cybernetic arm RL swung a cataclysmic blow with vitality towards Sha's mid section.

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How is their going to be a Light War without me..... 


I am the Lord of the Rings.
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 The shadow's can't hold me....redemption will be mine!