The best characters of from the greatest show of all time. The show that constantly broke the rules and did things that have never been done. The first show to raise the stakes and slam them into the hearts of the Vampires! Now continued on in the comic book world where it is just as fantastic.

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Posted by Hawkeye446

I need to watch all of Buffy... That and Read the Comic...


Awesome list! ^-^

Posted by Renee


How much of it have you seen?

Thanks!! :)

Posted by Hawkeye446

@Renee: Like none :(

Still only like half way through Charmed. When I get that done I wanna watch Buffy And Angel.

Posted by Jya666

I love BUFFY :)))

Posted by Cervantes

No Giles?! One of the things I really didn't buy in the last season was making Giles betray Buffy against Spike. On the one hand I could buy it because of Spike's attempted you-know-what on Buffy before getting his soul restored, but on the other after betraying her for the Watcher's Council and seeing the mess he made of her life and nearly getting her mom killed, I just saw it as shock for shock's sake to destroy their relationship.

Miss Calendar and Oz I miss, too, but I get it -- you're listing the top comic characters from Buffy! Good list...

Posted by Renee


It's the best! :D


I like Giles, just hadn't gotten around to him yet. :)

I can't add Jenny because she doesn't have a CV page. But she was awesome and so majorly perfect with Giles. I wish she wasn't killed! :( Stoopid Angelus! >:(

Posted by Diva85

BUFFY.........THE BEST!!!

Posted by Renee


Posted by B'Town

Joss will always be a rock star because Buffy is forever pop culture gold. :D I think 20 years from now people will still be watching it!

Posted by Renee


I couldn't agree more!

I know I will be watching it 20 years from now haha