Pre-X-Force Cable

The issues Cable makes an appearance in before X-Force. This does not include flashbacks unless the issue was a one-shot. Also, I don't include most of the baby Cable/Christopher stuff because I'll one day make a list of those.

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Posted by A_Skinny_Jay

I'm guessing you meant Cable's appearances before the book X-Force?

Posted by Renchamp

I can see how that would be ambiguous. Yeah, pre-book-X-Force because the team goes by X-Force before the book starts. Nice catch, brother.

Posted by MarvelMan1985

Um issue 43 may be awful (dont really know for sure, but it IS in continuity :)

Posted by Renchamp

@MarvelMan1985: It's splitting hairs but I can see how Cable could be at the mansion. Here's my stance: The New Mutants left the mansion at the end of their run and the Kings of Pain arc happened shortly thereafter. This all happened in April of 1991. This Excalibur issue was released in September. X-Force had already been formed and into their second issue at the Adirondack Mountains. I know that continuity can be fluid and that this could have happened while Cable was at the X-Mansion, but, with so little relevance to either story, I'm not willing to let this little indiscretion slide. So, you could be right, but it's my list! Ha!

Posted by MarvelMan1985
@Renchamp: Ow I see what you mean :) Thanks for explaining, friend. Keep up the good work! :)