My Favorite Deadpool Quotes

An ever-expanding list of my favorite Deadpool-isms. Yeah, just starting it, but it will hopefully be rife with sarcasm.

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Posted by notoriousbcb

My favorite has to be "I said: Hmmph...Mrrggg...Hmphh..!" Great list.

Posted by CorbinLowrie

Agree^ lol

Posted by Grey56

Butter - these bricks are made of butter.

Posted by Renchamp

@Grey56 said:

Butter - these bricks are made of butter.

I haven't seen this one yet. I'm working my way through the 90s right now.

Posted by Grey56

@Renchamp: I couldn't cite the exact issue - but it's from the first ongoing and at least past issue 30. I started reading consistently around there. He gets tossed into a wall and peels himself from the rubbage and babbles that as he attempts to get up.