The Artist's Mind

This scene from Nomad #20 makes me laugh.

The first panel clearly shows Six Pack on the beach. The water is distant (despite Domino saying that she is in the water). A fire is blazing. The next panel, however, shows the tide is definitely coming in. Poor Grizzly, that fire looks nice.

So what was the artist thinking? I often think this with puzzling panel sequences. This one, however, seems pretty easy. Domino has her shirt off. I guess the artist simply got distracted by things that could make her even hotter (because a strapless bra isn't enough?). What if she were reading a martial arts book? I guess that's a start. Ooh, and how about she's tip-toeing in the water? I guess that's sexy. Sadly, putting her in the water makes Grizzly in the water, too. And the Winnebago. And the bags of McDonald's food the colorist tried to turn into the beach.

The two panels are just absurd.

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