Inter-comic Continuity

I'm just posting this here so that I know where to find it in the future. 
In New Mutants #91, Rictor has made a big mistake in trying to take on Caliban, especially since Sabretooth intervenes. Just being in the Morlock Tunnels was dumb, but he also ends up being there when Sabretooth is trying to finish what the Marauders had started during the Mutant Massacre. At one point, Rictor is one-on-one with Sabretooth. He's been injured and his powers are weakened. Somehow, someway, Rictor finds the gusto to unleash an assault like never before. He collapses the tunnel and Sabretooth flees. Oddly enough, this new use of his powers also seems to enable him to change his wardrobe. Note the page numbers:

Wife Beatered
(Enter sarcasm) I'm not sure if these wardrobe powers have been fully investigated. They could come in really handy for those story arcs that last so long and the characters look the same to the reader for months. He would have an excuse to change whenever he wanted.
People have a chip on their shoulder against Ol' Mr. Liefeld. I guess this just adds another layer.
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