Don't Use the Door When Fabian is Writing

The 1990s was a grand time for Fabian Nicieza. Do you know how many effing books he had his hands on? X-Men, X-Force, the New Warriors, Nomad, and a few more. Rereading some of these classic (and some incredibly not-so-classic) stories shows an odd trend: doors are dangerous.

  1. In an issue of Cable, Sinsear approaches Tolliver's estate and requests Mr. Tolliver's company. The butler, just behind the door, informs Sinsear that Tolliver is dead. Sinsear kills the butler.
  2. In Deadpool: the Circle Chase, Sluggo knocks on the door of Copycat's mother. He gets lassoed around the neck and pulled to the roof.
  3. In an issue of X-Force, Black Tom returns to Cassidy Keep to find that the family lawyer has taken up residence. Black Tom blasts the lawyer as soon as he opens the door.

Doors are bad in this stretch of time. Don't open them if Fabian is writing your story and you are in the 90s.

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