Comic Vine as a Real Community

Last night I dreamed that I was visiting Comic Vine as a real community. It didn't exist as a website of fake names; I was really Renchamp. The first person I met when I arrived at the community was Pikahyper. I've never met this Viner, but in my dream he was a portly little Asian guy with a red and white striped polo shirt tucked into his jean shorts. I also understood somehow that he was very good at basketball. He and I noticed that parts of the community were fading. ( This is probably where this comes from.) He had notified a tech person and I helped show how the upper corners of the community were the wrong color. After some time, the techie had it all figured out and the community was once again fully functional.
Leaving Pikahyper, I met Castleking. He was busy beating the crap out of a punching apparatus. It wasn't a punching bag. I don't know exactly what it was, but in my dream state I fully understood that whatever it was, it was for punching. Castleking was doing a great job.
I then needed to use the bathroom. I walked through the many corridors of Comic Vine until I noticed the Men's Room. For some reason, a hot girl opened the door for me. It appeared to be her job. I entered and saw that there were no exposed urinals. They were all in stalls. I soon learned why. The urinals were actually non-existent. You simply peed on the wall and a spray of water would wash it down the drain. This, my friends, is the only reason I remembered this dream. What the what? I refused to pee on the wall and left for the day. (Or woke up, whichever you'd prefer.)

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Posted by pikahyper

lol i'm caucasian :P scottish/irish/polish/native american

Posted by SC

lol, this was... this was great lol

Posted by harleyquinn12

I love how CV is depicted as a gym sort of place. This is great. :D