A Stroll with the Walking Dead

I am so glad that my adventure in manga didn't work out. I recently began reading the Walking Dead. I know: where the crap have I been? If you follow me then you know I've been stuck in 90's X-Force comics. Regardless, this branching out has been quite the treat. Kirkman writes some compelling stuff. Adlard (and formerly Moore) has been fantastic in depicting everything. I've really learned to pay attention to the drawn details, as they help to hint at events. Here's a "for instance": Why is Thomas the only inmate that doesn't get a full-face shot when he tells what he's doing time for? Many clues and cues are given that I've had to flip back pages and go "What the what? Oh."

One exciting aspect of this new series to read is that I get to seriously overhaul the character pages. They sorely need it. I've only been focusing on the people that have died since they are easier to edit - their lives are already mapped out for me. The ongoing characters (at least for me, I'm still in the prison) have just too much potential for me to go in and edit as I won't know how one event affects another. Only editing deaths is a little morbid, but I think it goes with the territory. Sadly, some pages have one-liners for some really compelling characters. Fixing that. Some pages are fleshed out a bit more but need to meet our relatively new style guide. So, to those that have paved the way before (of note, and especially ) thanks, but I'm going to enhance your stuff.

(As an aside, I've seen some truly hilarious aliases attached to some character pages by people looking for quick, lame points. Allen had an alias of "Donna's Husband." Really? Martinez was "Martinez from Woodbury." As if the characters of the comic needed to differentiate between multiple Martinezes.)

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