And Now You Know: Nicieza's First Foray into the New Mutants

New Mutants #98: Welcome to Fabian Nicieza. I'm not sure how much power he had as a writer because Rob Liefeld was continually given plotting credits. The one thing I do know, however, is that the only bit-role characters (or NPCs, if we can up the nerd-notch a bit) are incredibly generic. What am I talking about? Well, Domino, Deadpool, and Gideon are introduced in this issue. They are big players, some more-so than others. The only other characters are either regulars (like the members of the New Mutants) or already established (like Emmanuel DaCosta, Sunspot's father). Oh wait, there are two characters made up especially to be nobodies: Adam and Eve. They could have been real nobodies and operated as nameless goons doing their master's bidding, but they were given names. One is a guy, the other a girl. Why not get so completely unoriginal that we use the first two names... ever? Now, I don't know if this was Fabian's attempt at humor with his new responsibilities or if this simply showcases Liefeld's ability to create incredibly original characters (Deadpool) alongside the blandest (Adam). Regardless, this happened on Nicieza's first credit for the New Mutants. Interesting tidbit to have start what ends up being a stellar run by Nicieza (mostly).

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Domino as the Lead Singer for the Distillers

I have always thought that Domino exuded a Brody Armstrong/Dolle vibe from the former Distillers and current Spinnerette project. That special kind of devil-may-care type of punk rock attitude. So either Domino could have sung this song, or Brody could have been a sweet member of X-Force.

Spot on, minus all the blood and gun wounds.

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And Now You Know: Adventures in Point Whoring

Normally I reserve my "And Now You Know" blogs for those lesser known things about comics and characters, but this topic just had to be covered. Also, I really just wanted to write a blog because most of the recent blogs have been posted by bots.

Stated simply, adding a character, or team of characters, simply because they appear in a picture in the issue is considered a lower form of point whoring. Take, for example: Last night I was adding the synopsis for X-Men #1 and I noticed that the New Mutants were said to have appeared in the issue. They don't. Xavier does look at a picture of them but the New Mutant team does not interact or otherwise influence the events of the book. Summarily, I removed the team credit, as well as the individual credits for each team member. This garnered someone an erroneous 8-10 points. I call this a low level of point whoring because sometimes people just don't know the rules about crediting certain things. For additional guidelines in crediting characters in issues, check out this proposed list that makes a lot of sense.

Don't worry, this isn't all I'm making a big to-do about. No, there was a very egregious form of point whoring present on this X-Men issue page last night. You see, the President of the United States appears in the issue but he is not named. I pondered how to credit a nameless Marvel president. A mantle page was all I could think of, but we are trying to phase those out (at least so I've heard). All this was moot, as I saw someone had found a way to credit the president. It seems that, even though the president was a nondescript white guy, someone had the gonads to go ahead and credit George Bush as the president in the comic. Yeah, he was president at the time, but he in no way, shape, or accent resembled George H. W. Bush. To cover their bases, this person also credited George Jr., Mr. George W. Bush himself. Why? Maybe they weren't sure which Bush to put in there and so they put both. Regardless, placing one, let alone the two, was totally wrong to begin with. Sure, it's only two points, but I remember that any points were as good as gold back when I was a new guy.

It's kind of humorous, but it's also wrong and messes with the integrity of our wiki.

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Yet Another Reason You Should Be Watching Community

Community is a special show. This season, the show tackles stupid things that people think matter, like model UNs. Two are proposed but only one can exist. The school holds a Model UN-off to decide which team makes up the real school's model UN.

Abed: Does two UNs mean there are two Earths?

Professor: Uhm... Yeah, sure. Two Earths.

Abed: Parallel Earths in different galaxies or identical Earths in parallel dimensions?

Professor: The latter one.

Abed: But what does that say about free will?

And later...

UN number 1 crosses the gym to confront UN number 2.

Annie: Greetings, people of Earth 2.

Other Annie: What is this?

Annie: We represent the United Nations from Earth 1. Using our Switzerland's Hadron Collider and resources from every nation, the people of our planet have constructed a trans-dimensional gateway here.

Other Annie: They can't do this.

Professor: The science works out.

So you see, with DC reintroducing readers to Earth 2, the possibilities are endless.


The Genius of "xerox_kitty"

This is not a blog about the actual mental capacities of our venerable mod; this is just a blog about her name. What the what? Yup. Like many of you, my mind is constantly on the Vine. Just this morning I was thinking about Garrison Kane and how I've done very little for his page. Then I thought about that one story he and Copycat have in that one issue of Wolverine. (That was an odd one.) Then I was thinking about Copycat in general. That's when the whole xerox_kitty thought came to my mind.

For a quick reference point, Copycat has the mutant ability to take on the image and powers of anybody that she has prolonged exposure to. Her most famous ruse was when she fooled Cable by taking on the persona of Domino.

Now take xerox_kitty. For those who have never thought of it: a xerox machine makes copies and a kitty is merely another name for a cat. (Don't flame me by saying a kitty is a baby cat. Some people still call grown cats kitties.) xerox_kitty is simply a play on the name Copycat. (Sorry, love, that your dash was turned into an underscore.) So, why did she take on this name and accompanying avatar? I'm sure it was for the same reason the "real" Copycat was able to take on the names and likenesses of other people: prolonged exposure. I can't vouch for this claim, but I'm sure that with all xerox_kitty's knowledge of the New Mutants/X-Force, as well as her general knowledge of that era of books, that our mod found some type of reason to name herself after the blue-skinned beauty.

And now this is what I was really thinking about this morning: Why didn't she just call herself Copycat? Was the name taken? Or was there something deeper? As I see it, and based on my knowledge of the comic character, Copycat could certainly copy someone's likeness and persona, but she was still Vanessa Carlysle underneath it all. She was the same as the people she imitated but she was also different. The same can be inferred from xerox_kitty; it's not only a clever name, but it shows how the mod isn't Copycat exactly, she's Copycat but still xerox_kitty underneath it all. The same but different.

I don't know if all this went into the selection of the name, but it's a great name, nonetheless. (And here is where xerox_kitty herself steps in calls this whole blog bullocks, sets the record straight, and I return to wiki editing.)

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