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Who knows what female villains (including maybe dead ones?) will arise in Muertas.

I still hope Revanche comes back as a villain. I hate how she returned a couple years ago with barely a speech bubble.

Selene I've never really cared for. She looks scary and bad but story-wise I've never been too fond of her.

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Dislike the first team posted. Psylocke, Warbird, X-23, and Domino are IMO some of the worst female characters in existence.

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Seems kind of random.

I don't think assigning an arbitrary color to each team gives them a reason for being.

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M - Honestly, the past couple of months she's been overly pissy/moody instead of being the witty indestructible heroine I grew to love, but she's proven to be a hilarious foil to every character she encounters, especially evident in the X-Factor/Spider-Man team-up arc where she sunbathed with Shatterstar and corrected Spider-Man on his grammar. Once Strong Guy is out of the picture, hopefully her character arc will be on the up and up again.

Rachel - Her role as the constant turncoat was amazing and it made her past in the future past relevant for the first time since she arrived in our timestream. She was bad ass, methodical, and unpredictable. Finally.

Colossus - Despite his weird obsession with his sister (which has only become more apparent this past year), the X-Writers have done a fantastic job of at least giving Colossus the consolation prize of most improved X-Man. No longer the 'da.' spewing moron, he's found himself corrupted twice over, screwed over by his sister Magik, and its all just emphasizing how much of a nice chump he is. Its sort of lovable.

Cyclops - Honestly, he has been a patronizing douche who was over-glorified under Fraction's pen, but where he is after AvX is a compelling place he (hopefully) can't turn back from (although I once thought the same for the Scarlet Witch, but she's "sorry" now). His story has potential and I'm eagerly awaiting what's going to be done with it.

Kitty Pryde (Ultimate Comics) - In the Ultimate reality, Kitty is the ultimate underdog. She's the girl-next-door who is now leading an underground movement to liberate a down-trodden and apathetic mutantkind. She's the "Clamezon" we've all missed, minus all the cheesy ninja/genius add-ons that Mary Sued her to character bankruptcy.

Hope - "No more Phoenix" was helpful, "No more nose" was amazing.

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Hellion - 22(-8)

The Stepford Cuckoos - 108 (+8)

Pixie - 78

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Hellion - 62 (-4)

The Stepford Cuckoos -60 (+4)

Pixie - 86

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I vote no one because I want deaths to stick, friends to be able mourn actual losses, and the world to move on.

If ANYONE, Nightcrawler and Risque, but even they can stay dead.

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Hellion - 58 (-4)

The Stepford Cuckoos - 62 (+4)

Pixie - 86

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@Kairan1979 said:

Hellion - 70 (-4)

The Stepford Cuckoos - 66 (+4)

Pixie - 70

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Hellion - 46 (-4)

Mercury - 40 (-4)

The Stepford Cuckoos - 62 (+4)

Pixie - 58 (+4)