Renegade Bio - Last World Version


Name: Mackenzie O'Rourke

Alias: Renegade

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Date of birth: December 25

Place of birth: Boston, Massachusetts

Nationality: American, Irish

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 124 lbs

Eye color: Purple

Hair color: Red (naturally), ranges from blonde to black for missions.

Occupation: Renegade assassin...loosely termed a mercenary threat

Family: Father (Gregory O'Rourke - 53), Mother (Grace O'Rourke - 51), Brothers (Casey - 28, Tristan - 26, Killian - 24)

Identity: Nonexistent. According to all government records Mackenzie Alana O'Rourke died on the night of her high school graduation at the age of 18.

Sexuality: Straight for the most part

Marital Status: Single


Species: Mutant

Age: 23


Personality: Playful if you catch her in the right mood, cautious with dispersal of information, borderline paranoid about people recognizing her. She has a quiet confidence about herself and is extremely slow to trust. She's always been on the outside of things, a loose canon, a rebel. She stays to the shadows and tends to mostly keep to herself. Once she's let you in (which is a monumental feat) you're good forever and she will give anything to protect you.

Weaknesses: Powers-related: She has only slightly above normal human durability, so egregious injuries will still harm her. Enhanced senses allow her to easily track things, but they can also be taken advantage of. Mental/Emotions-related: Mac doesn't really open up emotionally to anybody and in most cases if she appears to, it's a facade. However if she does open up to you, she's relatively easy to hurt. Of course the risk of that is that she'll come after you with a vengeance.

Strengths: An incredibly innovative fighting style that mixes limited precognition with a vast array of combat techniques.



· Limited precognition: As part of her mutation, Mac is able to see limited bursts into the future, ranging no more than ten minutes and for a duration that is usually no longer than 5-10 seconds. These visions are able to be controlled to a degree and through years of discipline and combat testing, she's managed to integrate them into her fighting style, allowing her to occasionally glance her opponent's next move.

· Photographic reflexes: Once Mac has seen a move or skill performed, she can perform it again just as well herself. The only thing that limits this ability are her own physical limitations.

· Enhanced stats: Enhanced hearing - With a finely attuned auditory sense, Mac is able to pick up on sounds from up to several hundred yards away as if they were standing next to her and talking clearly in her ear. This ability varies due to circumstances, as do they all. Enhanced sense of smell - Able to memorize and pick up scents clearly and individually within a crowded room and in the midst of other stimuli, this makes Mac an incredible tracker.


· Adaptability: Due to a quick mind and years of training, Mac has spot on instincts and an uncanny ability to adapt to any situation that she's put in and improvise off the cuff.

Weapons expert/adept: Over the course of time, she was trained to proficient/adept skill on many weapons. Her weapons of choice are throwing knives, bow and arrow, and a high-tech gun with a multitude of different ammo.

· (Urban) Camouflage: Tying in with her subterfuge skills, she has become incredibly skilled with disguises (including but not limited to wigs, contacts and accents) and effortlessly blending into a crowd.

· Unarmed combat/martial arts:Proficient in Krav Maga, Judo, Tae Kwan Do and skilled with holds and grapples as well as Special Forces training, Mackenzie has managed to blend her precognition with her formidable hand to hand combat training to develop her entirely own style, unpredictable and unknown to all but her.

· Tech Savvy: Among her natural skill set is the ability to quickly pick up something that she's put her mind to. With a natural affinity for technology, Mackenzie has found ample jobs and missions on which to test these skills. Her specialties lay with hacking, something which is second nature to her, and with designing weapons and security systems. Two of the weapons that she carries are of her own creation and engineering. To her, code is viewed simply as another language that she excels at and luckily for her, nothing is beyond her imagination.


· Kiss of Death - Two wrist mounts that vary in size (anything as innocuous as a bracelet to something as heavy as a wrist gauntlet, this weapon was designed specifically by Mackenzie for herself. It has various abilities and functions, chief among them the ability to read somebody's bio signature and store it in a database and read that same signature and stun them accordingly to their own biology. Stun can impact from anything as light as static electricity to something strong enough to give you abnormal heart rate, as well as a heart attack.

· Bow and arrows - A state of the art bow, this is used in lieu of a sniper rifle in occasions that call for range. Designed by Mac with a targeting system that was built to perfectly compliment her own keen abilities, this is one of the deadliest weapons she owns. It is accompanied by a plethora of arrows with various designations.

· Throwing knives - A set of perfectly waited throwing knives which are usually hidden in various spots on her person and on her in at least one location at all times.

· Kawasaki ZX-14R - The fastest production bike in the world (not yet released), this bike has been modified so much that it's not likely the manufacturer's would recognize it as such. With a built in weapons and tracking system as well as amplified speed and stealth systems, this bike was disassembled and rebuilt by hand. It's the closest thing to a child that she has.

· Weapons cache and hidden bases - A tumultuous mix of assassin, spy and very angry former government agent, Mac has numerous well-shielded hideouts throughout the world. Notable locations include Boston, Los Angeles, Venice, Paris, Rome, Ireland and Santorini.


Born into a loving family in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, Mac knew nothing but love and the gentle teasing of older brothers as she grew up. That was until the age of fifteen, when everything changed. She developed a mutation, one that she had no idea what to do with. Now suddenly able to see short bursts into the future and able to copy the moves of anybody doing anything, Mac simply played it off as coming into her own physically. She joined sports teams and intentionally down-played her abilities. She took up archery and started training in fighting arts.

Her brothers were all older than her. Josh by eleven months, Shane by three years and Brady by four years. They were all men's men and they all ended up joining the military straight out of high school, as most of the men and some of the women in their family had done. This left Hal alone with her parents and her rambunctious self. On the day of her high school graduation, G-Men arrived on her doorstep. They had heard of her abilities, of her powers, of her family legacy. Her brothers were all SEALS and covert ops men. They were put in the toughest situations and had a history of banding together and coming out of suicide missions alive. The opportunity for the government to get their hands on Mac and use them for their own purposes was too great.

So fake papers were set up, she was taken away under the Patriot Act and held as a terrorist for something that she had absolutely no hand in. This was one of those facilities where anything went. Except they didn't want to torture her, they didn't want to interrogate her, they didn't want to try her for crimes against her nation or acts of terrorism. No, her country wanted to use her as a weapon. The combination of her powers and the physical condition that she was already in made her the prime candidate for an assassin. And so she was asked nicely by the government to turn herself over to help her country. Of course, the other option was being tried as a terrorist. It's quite easy to infer which she chose. She was so off the books, so covert that nobody she came into contact with even knew her name. Nor did her brothers have any idea that the woman in disguise that had helped them on several especially shitty missions was their sister.

Five years later and Mac broke what little protocol she had during a mission in Hong Kong. She had been there to take down a super-human terrorist cell in as covert a manner as possible. She had blown up their warehouse and set off red flags all across the city. She was of no use to them if people knew who she was. But the US had an out. If Mac was obtained the fact that she was not registered with any government agency meant that they could claim she was acting on her own. So she slipped into the thick night air, disappearing. She's now spoken of as Renegade. She's the one who got away. Her name is whispered as the dirty secret. She's known in the SEALs and covert ops squad as a ghost, as the one who could take the majority of them down by herself. All that's given is a brief description of her abilities and of her looks. 5'4", auburn red hair and the clearest violet eyes you'll ever see.

What isn't told is the fact that she's been doing this since she was eighteen. The fact that she's just as well trained as the majority of these men or the fact that she's going around and helping them on their missions. She now has people coming after her on all sides. The government would like to reacquire her, they don't like what they can't control and they know good and well that they will never again control Mac O'Rourke. And just about everybody else would like to kill her. So she's made staying off the radar, watching her back and quietly looking out for her brothers and their countrymen her life mission. As a way to keep herself occupied, she will also take on freelance jobs.

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