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I use black because I don't like too much brightness on the screen, hurts my eyes... X(

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Well in my personal opinion a nerd is a person who is very focused on academic pursuits, whereas a geek is someone into a particular thing for example, games, comic books, anime... kind of alternative if you get what I mean.

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True, it has nothing to do with which has better characters or comic books, it is simply who is more main stream, and that is marvel. They have a larger selection of films covering multiple characters. And that's it, sure DC has superman and batman but on the whole, if you asked a random person, someone who is unfamiliar with comic books, to name 10 superheroes or villains, it is very likely that they will mention maybe 3 DC characters and the rest will be Marvel.

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I don't think there was anything wrong with the style of the suit, but they need to make an actual suit instead of using cgi (which I don't understand why they did *shrugs*).

So basically just make a physical suit

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@guardiandevil83: Oh I am quite surprised at that, but I wasn't a fan of Allison anyway, and part of the appeal of the show, was looking at the hot guys *shrugs*

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Best Live-Action: Don't know

Worst Live-Action: Catwoman

Best Animated: Batman Year One

Honourable mentions: Wonder Woman, Batman:The Dark Knight Returns part 2, Superman vs The Elite, Superman/Batman Apocalypse, DC Showcase short Catwoman and The Spectre, Justice League:Flashpoint Paradox

Worst Animated: Ironman Rise of the Technovore

Dishonourable mentions: Batman Gotham Knight, Superman Unbound, Thor Tales of Asgard

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Ok well Jacob can completely transform into a wolf were as Scott can't, but then again Scott is an alpha now... but I haven't seen what he can do as an alpha because I stopped watching teen wolf as it has become weird and creepy o_O. Jacob is more protective over Bella, Scott knows Allison can handle herself...

Ok Scott would win because somehow Allison would end up helping him the fight with her hunter skills, and Bella would do nothing whilst looking incredibly over dramatic.

I haven't seen all of the twilight films but they are easily some of the worst pieces of schmutz ever made...

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I know I already commented but I just realised that whether in tv or film, marvel or DC, the costumes for live action are always a lot darker than the ones you see in the comic books or in the animated movies or tv shows. That said I understand that not every costume will have the "right" look when translated to live action, however I think that some would be able to put it off.

For this flash costume to work it needs to be brighter and tighter... I know the actor is slim but hey it can still work.

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I would have to say Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow, as much as I love Slade Wilson, I feel like Malcolm Merlyn is always going to be one step ahead, I think he will be very difficult to get rid of. And because Slade didn't start off as a bad guy I still have a soft spot for him.

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Hello all, I am relatively new to comic vine and to comic books (I only have a few), and I was wondering about characters and their moral standings. Can you name some characters that do not kill at all, whether the villain or criminal is a serious threat, but also characters who avoid physical confrontations unless it is totally necessary. I know characters morals can vary depending on the writer, so if that is the case could you mention the character and who was writing them at the time?

If I have not made the question clear enough please let me know and I will do my best to give a better explanation of what I am looking for.


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