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  1. Wolverine vs Ryu = Wolverine's Adamantium skeleton and claws vs. Ryu's speed and Hadouken, I'll go with the Adamantium
  2. Iron Man vs Morrigan = No comment, but Iron Man loses though
  3. Hulk vs Chris Redfield = Chris gets pulverized
  4. Deadpool vs Dante = The son of Sparda destroys him easily
  5. Captain America vs Felicia = no comment
  6. Doctor Doom vs Chun Li = Doom kills Chun-Li even before she can come near to him.
  7. Super Skrull vs Trish = Good fight, but Skrull wins
  8. Thor vs Amaterasu = Thor wins. He has way more feats to back him up
  9. Dormammu vs Viewtiful Joe = The demon wins.
  10. X-23 vs Tron Bonne = Her speed, reflexes and her adamantium claws can destroy Tron's robot
  11. Spider-Man vs Albert Wesker = Wesker wins. His reflex, durability, and speed would help him.
  12. M.O.D.O.K vs Nathan Spencer = A wrecking machine armed with missiles, lasers, and blasters vs a guy armed with only one bionic arm. The machine destroys the guy
  13. Magneto vs Arthur = Magneto kills him
  14. Storm vs Crimson Viper = Storm can control weather, which Viper can't even do.
  15. Phoenix (Jean Grey) vs Mike Haggar = Really? Haggar's large build is nothing compared to Jean Grey's powers
  16. Taskmasker vs Akuma = Akuma can kill most of Marvel and DC street levelers
  17. Sentinel vs Hsien-Ko = No comment
  18. Shuma-Gorath vs Jill Valentine = Jill dies within a heart beat
  19. Hawkeye vs Strider Hiryu = Hiryu outclasses Hawkeye
  20. Ghost Rider vs Firebrand = Ghost Rider decimates
  21. Doctor Strange vs Nemesis = Strange would just simply blink his eyes to have Nemesis killed
  22. Iron Fist vs Vergil = See no. 4
  23. Nova vs Phoenix Wright (the lawyer) = LOL. Before Wright can do any action, he gets crushed
  24. Rocket Raccoon vs Frank West = The Guardian of the Galaxy vs a zombie hunter, it's obvious who's the winner
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I'll say something again, Logan clears this round. He'll only have a hard time beating Jin and Kazuya.

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Doctor Doom defeats the son of Sparda.

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1. Wolverine(without claws) vs Heihachi Mishima: Good fight but Logan wins 5.5/10

2. Iron Fist vs Jin Kazama (no access to Devil Gene): Iron Fist 5.1/10

3. Daken vs Kazuya Mishima (no access to Devil Gene): Daken 5.4/10

4. Deadpool vs Yoshimitsu: Yoshimitsu

5. Kingpin (no weapons) vs Craig Marduk: Craig Marduk

6. Elektra vs Nina Williams: Elektra

7. Black Widow vs Anna Williams: Black Widow

8. Captain America vs Paul Phoenix: Paul wins. His strength is too much for Steve

9. Luke Cage vs Brian Fury= Brian Fury.

10. Taskmaster vs Mokujin: Not sure

11. Shang Chi vs Marshall Law: Shang Chi

12. X 23 vs Asuka Kazama: X-23 wins because of healing factor

13. Sentinels vs Jack robots= Sentinels

14. Doctor Strange vs Jinpachi Mishima(demon form), True Ogre, Azazel, Devil Kazuya Mishima, and Devil Jin Kazama: Doctor Strange destroys them without breaking a sweat

15. Sabretooth (without claws) vs Lars Alexandersson: Draw

16 Iron Man vs Alisa= Iron Man easily

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Either Odin or Zeus solos

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LOL at people saying Devil Kazuya would win. Hulk one shots Kazuya's a$$ to the sun.

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Iron Man and War Machine wins 8/10

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Hulk and Iron Man wins 7/10

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Big Pun sh*ts on Rick Ross all time.