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@xlr87t3: And a Graybeard uttering a single word is insta-death for anyone. At least anyone without the proper teaching/power to survive it. Radiation is nothing to a guy who breathes radioactive mouth lasers. =P

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Of course you can pretty much throw a dart at a D&D spells book and go "Bam! New force power!"

Anyway, Sarah still wins. She is lightspeed+, Sid can't affect her mentally, and he can't possess her. Plus Sarah has to fight A-mon, who rips worlds in half and is on the level of galactic-extermination. Never underestimate StarCraft. Believing SW is automatically superior is pure folly.

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@sightlessreality: Yeah, Sechs' whole role was to simply keep the ER table from exploding to shrapnel caused by the vibrations. We had seen earlier that Zazzie touching a wall during one of those 'attacks' caused it to almost shatter, and Sechs ripped off that tech guys arms to keep him from being killed.

@sirfizzwhizz: Yes, Alucard reformed himself after an impact and some jet fuel burning. As stated, 1500decrees is nothing next to the baseline 15k Alita can put out. Sticking him in an EM field and flooding it with plasma she can exceed 100k degrees and more. There literally wouldn't even he particles remaining. When Alucard has no body left he's forced to reform it from the use of his coffin.

It's very basic. Each time he's destroyed he loses a soul because his entire form of regeneration is based on using them like fuel. Eventually it's all going to burn up and he'll be left with nothing. It's a simple game of attrition. One Alucard can't win.

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@sirfizzwhizz: *sigh* you missed where Walter can only cut him to pieces, whereas Alita can completely vaporize him with plasma.

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Tony charges to attack. Then wonders why Jarvis suddenly informed him he's suffered a dozen punctures to his lungs before he sees that his armor has suddenly grown spikes, inside and out.

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@sirfizzwhizz: Let's put this another way. Alucard doesn't have the capability of hurting Alita. She literally deals with people who cause nuke-level explosions with their attacks. She is well beyond Alucard's level of speed. Alucard can die if his body is completely destroyed. Forcing him to reconstruct a new one using the souls stored in his coffin.

Ultimately Alucard doesn't have the ability to win. If Alita is forced to kill him one body at a time, then she is able to do just that. Alita has a limitless power source, so she'll never tire. Her imaginos cells give her the ability to regenerate. With the Fata Morgana linking her to Melchizedek, even if she is damaged to the point of near death, she can regenerate and evolve her body further, effectively getting stronger every time she comes back from the brink of death.

Alucard without Schrodinger can be killed. It may take her a while to whittle down his souls, but she can do it. On the other hand, Alucard's weapons and offensive abilities aren't enough to do more than annoy her, even if Alita decided to take the hit.

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What Ryu? There's actually a lot of them. 5 for just the Breath of Fire games.

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I'm summoning better VG characters to help.

Haseo, the Terror of Death
Ryu the Dragon Prince
Fei Fong Wong
Jedah Dohma
Sarah Kerrigan