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Malgus isn't as good as Vader either, so what's your point here?

And I'm sure not everyone is going to agree with you. Malgus not being as slow as RoboCop puts things more in his favor, nvm being more experienced and a legendary combatant on his own. Plus Sid had to give Vader Malgus' freaking Diary just to man Vader up.

I love how you're trying to call me out on a lack of knowledge after some of the nonsense you've posted about Darth Maul/Vader/Galen Marek and some other characters. Pot calling the kettle black.

And we all know Maul would never actually win that fight. The idea that Maul can swoop in with sabers spinning and win for being "better duelist" is just bull and poor argument. Galen isn't so weak and defenseless than Maul could get his better, nor is Galen's movements restricted like Vader's were. And given Galen vastly outclasses Maul in Force Power, the instant that inevitable opening shows, Maul ends up as a smear on the ground. Or a charred corpse.

What does Vader using TK have to do with dueling skill? Regardless, if you actually knew anything about the character you're analysing you'd know Vader has used more esoteric powers than telekinesis such as telepathy (to varying effects), alter environment, Force absorption/deflection and more.

Everyone and their great granny has TP to 'varying effects'. That's just standard protocol and hardly even worth mentioning when he's not in the same class as the people around him. Eldon Ax, whom I know certainly is weaker than Vader, has used more abilities than him overall. At least outright barriers for protection and degrees of levitation. I'm actually irked by the fact they didn't use her beyond the "Fatal Alliances" novel. With the Forged Alliances story arc in SWTOR, it would've been the perfect chance to bring those characters in.

That aside, so many other powers have been in play in this era that nothing Vader nor Luke has seen at that point can even remotely compare. Not like the Dread Masters mindraping entire fleets for giggles wasn't impressive by itself, keeping in mind that the one who kept their entire group in line was Vitiate himself does give an idea as to how ridiculous op'd out he is. At least when he's not being deliberately weakened by the Plot to allow the Hero of Tython to compete.

Quite frankly, the Grand Champion would've done just as well against RotJ Luke as anybody else here. GC showed he can put down Jedi Masters, whole elite Trooper squads and clear out a cave of Terentateks with a giant force-imbued and mutated monster at the back of it, all by his onesies. Honestly not sure why people would use this weak version of Luke, except to just have someone come up and murder his face in.

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@i_like_swords: And evidenced by Malgus and numerous others, there is no shortage of Quality Sith during this time. Which also includes a number of Dark Council members. Can't throw out the "not as skilled as Vader" card when you know so little about the era in question. Nvm that the bulk of Vader's abilities are TK based while many of the TOR-era Sith use much more esoteric abilities.

@xxacid_spitxx: They're saying in terms of Saber Skill, because we've never actually seen Vitiate apply his lightsaber in battle. He can generally just ragdoll everyone that comes in with the Force. He's never needed to whip the damned thing out. He mindstomps everyone who even walks in the room. And those that aren't immediately crushed by his presence, get shredded by his force storms. It'd be a repeat of Luke refusing to off Vader and having Sid tear into him with Force Lightning. Except Vitiate wouldn't screw around with the torture. He'd just murder him or tear into him mercilessly then brainwash him like he did to the HoT and several Jedi Master Council members.

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@i_like_swords: Luke is not clearly anything by RotJ. Far as it stands, HoT fought far more Sith and greater variance in his adversaries than Luke ever had up to that point.

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Well without spoiling too much of the story for those who haven't played (or refuse to play) SWTOR, then let's just take a look at analyzing the Jedi Knight's Skill Trees and overall skills instead.

So, yes, a number of them are just saber attacks like Riposte and Master Strike, which just goes in hand with the story telling us that the HoT is the best duelist of his generation. Force Leap is fairly generic and something Luke, Obi-Wan and most other Jedi have in their arsenals.

Force Sweep: This throws back multiple targets at once using the Force.

Blade Storm: This forms a much narrower, more focused wave of Force Energy to strike a single target

Resolute: Breaks movement impairing effects, like Force Stasis and whatnot.

Ok that won't work as well as I thought it would cause it's an MMO and they throw abilities onto you like candy from a parade float. We can see that the HoT focuses primarily on TK abilities and going between both classes and different skill trees we can see the various lightsaber forms he uses. He starts wit Shii-Cho if I'm not mistaken and depending on Adv Class can use Shien, Juyo, Soresu and Ataru. So of the Seven Forms that we know of, the Jedi Knight and by extension the HoT has used and perhaps mastered up to 5 of them. Which, with Sentinel skills, also means Jar'Kai Dual-Blade Fencing.

Far as I know, Luke by RotJ really only primarily uses Soresu and Djem-So. I could be mistaken, but then that's par for course. Still by this stage, the biggest thing Luke has lifted is an X-Wing. Which isn't bad. Though the HoT has lifted rather large boulders and overpowered people who collapsed large sections of caves with seemingly little effort. So in terms of TK I don't feel they're that far about.

As far as Force Abilities on a whole, the KotoR/SWTOR Era has them in bulk while PT/RotJ is very sparse. Given SWTOR loads you with them, the HoT just has a much more broader and diverse arsenal to pull from than Luke. Plus if we were to look at the Cauterize and elemental (fire) damage caused by some of them with lightsaber moves, then we can figure that it's not an extra Force ability, but a unique function of the HoT's lightsaber that creates an unstable fluctuation in the EM-field containing the plasma in order to give it a blazing corona in order to ignite the targets it hits instead of just that perfect cut. So even a grazing blow could set the bloke on fire.

I would say because Luke's skills aren't refined at this stage, nor has he learned enough about the Force to really pose a meaty challenge, then the Hero of Tython beats him down in pretty much every area at this stage of the game. Of course GM Luke is a different beast altogether, but then there's no use arguing that now is there?

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And all Heralds have matter manipulation and vast energy absorption and manipulation powers. Besides not needing a Physical body, Takion doesn't have any other powers that the Heralds haven't started with from the get-go. Having TP doesn't make him immune. Listing powers and no feats doesn't make a case.

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@i_like_swords: And Vader fended off and defeated Maul in the EU comics, despite not having "intimate knowledge of his style". That's not all it comes down to. And it was shown that Vader wasn't too interested in the fight, seeing as the whole point of letting Galen go in the first place was to collect up all the Rebel leaders in one place so Sid could murder them. Which would've happened on the unfinished Death Star if Galen hadn't warned them off at the last moment.

Galen has "intimate knowledge" of other styles and combat techniques thanks to Proxy who was programmed with the combat styles of numerous Jedi, Obi-Wan included and would actively try to kill Galen during their sessions. Of course Proxy could never be as truly dangerous as the real Obi-Wan or other Jedi Masters, however it can be said that Galen has been exposed to much more than just Vader's Djem So. So trying to act as if Maul's preferred style is some unknown horror to this Garry Stu is just laughable in and of itself.

@shootingnova: I'd have to disagree. Having read both novels, the difference in power between Galen and Starkiller2.0 is relatively minor and the Novel keeps it in question weather or not the original truly died and if the clone is really a clone or just a brainwashed mess, and ultimately SK decided it just didn't effing matter because he still loved his lady friend, still hated Vader, and was going to shove his twin lightsaber's up the Empire's greasy backside.

Galen did change the trajectory of a falling Star Destroyer and it took considerable effort. SK2 did his best to hold together a falling Rebel ship, which was much smaller than that of an ISD, while crashing it towards the planet Kamino's cloning facilities. Both of which took extreme effort and I can't see too much of a difference between the two. Though keeping a ship falling straight might require more concentration, but as pieces broke off it was less mass to keep under control.

Plus SK2 was fighting evenly, even slightly losing to, Vader in their last fight and if it wasn't for plot-intervention by Juno tearing a hole in Vader's much more lightning resistant armor with one of SK2's dropped sabers then Vader may have ended up killing them all. So either SK2's skills are lesser than those of the Original or Vader stopped pussyfooting around and was actually trying to kill him this time around.

I would say that, all in all, that even if SK2 was more powerful than the original Galen, it's not by a large margin. I think it'd be almost negligible overall and only would mark a gradual progression of a persons abilities as opposed to some giant power up.

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@lunacyde: That's incorrect and you know it. It's not a genetic trait. It helps to be related to people who can use bending, but Sokka was still the son of a water bender and he couldn't do it. They even explain in the show that people originally couldn't bend and they had to learn it from the creatures around them.

It's a spiritual tie to nature, which makes it Supernatural. And no, it doesn't specifically negate magic. It negates Psychic Powers as well, which is Non-Magic. It negates any type mystical, magical, psionic or otherwise otherworldly force. Considering that an Angel, a Spiritual Entity, refused to even get near him because of his Imagine Breaker indicates it can destroy more than just Magic.

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@106me: That's lesser Daedra. A Daedric Prince is completely immortal. Unlike their cousins the Aedra who unknowingly gave up their immortality when creating Mundus, the Princes retained theirs and are completely unkillable. The idea that they even have souls is a mortal fabrication because they cannot begin to understand the nature of What Is a God.

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@deathhero61: Can't really say that about Luffy later on with Haki and all that absurdity. In fact pretty sure guys had bazookas an stuff in OP as well. It's all over the place with crap.

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@deathhero61: Think the sword breaking was a bit earlier. Remember it was early in the anime. The rifles did nothing and Kuro was able to hurt'im.