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Will the real Matt Fraction please stand up? 0

Hawkeye #12 isn't a bad issue. Not by a long shot. The art is beautiful, and the story touches on some key themes that are very personal to the protagonist of our tale, Clint Barton. So why the frack did I only give this issue three stars when the majority of critics are continuing to methodically sing this book's praises? Well for one thing, I feel like our writer has gone missing. Oh sure, his name is still on the cover, but as far as I'm concerned, Mr. Fraction has been coasting these last fe...

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The gameboard is set 0

Snyder isn't wasting any time. Despite the fact that this issue, like the last one, consists of mostly setup, it was very entertaining to see where many of these familiar characters are starting to fit within the new origin. Like previous arcs he's done, Snyder is dropping clues left and right, daring us to speculate what is actually going on. Who is this Red Hood leader? Is he really the Joker or am I just supposed to think that? What is going on with Bruce's uncle? How deep in with the s...

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Peter Parker is back! Joe Madureira is back! All is right with the world. 0

I had to jump on this because of Joe Madureira returning to art duties. As a long-suffering Battle Chasers fan, I can't say I've ever gotten over my love for his work. While I'm not generally a major follower of manga, there's something about his combination of the style with westernized superheroes which just nails it for me in this medium. Combined with the bright colors, these images just pop off the page and look fantastic.This is a reunion of sorts, since Zeb Wells and Mad worked together o...

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