Favorite childhood characters

These are some of the characters I remember the most.

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Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Calvin doesn't get enough credit. Glad you included him in this list!

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@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: Yep, he'd probably be a bigger deal today if Bill Watterson would have chosen to commercialize the property like most of his peers. But then it wouldn't have been the same.

Posted by Trodorne

Great list.
He-man is a great series. the mini series was "Eh.." at the beginning but got alot better when keith giffen and pop mhan took over. the art took a dive in the ongoing series at issues 7 and 8. but came back in issue 11. now pop mhan is back on art and the series is FANTASTIC again. goose bumps every time I think of the issues. right now is the origin of She-ra.