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And I'm just going to throw out a prediction that this thread gets 2-5 responses, as is typical of most FF related threads on here. No wonder Marvel is making nothing but Avengers and X-Men books these days.

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"Fraction will be leaving Marvel's First Family, and the makeshift team that replaced them, behind. Fantastic Four #12 and FF #11 will be the last written by Fraction, so he'll be off the books completely as of next month. However, as he's already plotted ahead of his exit, he'll retain a story credit until the arcs have concluded around each book's issue #16."

"Replacing Fraction on Fantastic Four is Karl Kesel, while Lee Allred will join his brother Mike on FF."

So let me get this right, Fraction has plotted the story through 16 books, but he's going to step back and allow someone else to finish his story. This makes me kind of sad. I think Matt had an interesting story to tell in both books, but it looks like he's being pulled early so he can manage other "more important" projects. As is often the case, Marvel's First Family is getting the shaft.

I will mention that I think Karl Kesel is capable of steering the ship to a satisfying conclusion. If anyone followed his runs on Adventures of Superman and Superboy in the 90's, you know he can tell a fun story. I'm glad he's making a comeback in comics, I just not happy with how it's happening.

That being said, Marvels frenetic release schedule is really exposing itself here. For being the supposed #1 comic publisher, their latest release schedule has been the absolute worst of any company I've seen. Eventually, pulling these stunts is going to bite them is the ass. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But if they keep it up, it will.

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Personally, I like to start when a particular writer starts a run. It's generally much easier to understand. If he/she references something from a past issue from another writer, they usually do a much better job giving you a proper recap. I'm not going to just "jump in" and start paying $4 a month on a story that is already halfway done. Works for some people maybe, but not me.

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How good is the Image comics app and website? Frankly, I haven't seen anything beat Comixology when it comes to ease of use and quality HD pictures.

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Not a huge fan of villains turning good. Can't recall an example where it worked particularly well. This applies to Catwoman too.

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XO Manowar

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I'm not a big stickler about movies following comic book canon. Especially when comic books themselves typically do an awful job of following their own canon.

That being said, the Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was an abomination. An complete bastardization of the character.

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Anyone familiar with Superman comics already knows that Batman villains have held their own against the Man of Steel, most notably Joker. One can certainly say it's jobbing, but that happens a lot to characters in Superman's power bracket.

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Great recap. I don't think I enjoyed the run as much as you, but I agree that Joe Kelly's take on the character is an essential read for anyone interested in Deadpool.

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Frankly, I'll be surprised if it's that good. I just can't see Emma Stone carrying this franchise like she did the last movie. Eventually people are going to realize she's the only competent one on the set.