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I vote Halloween.

I read the Long Halloween first (and I believe it came out first). Many of Loeb's subsequent Batman stories sort of followed the same mystery template where a confused Batman is rotating from villain to villain as he slowly unravels the truth. It was more magical for me the first time around so I put Halloween at the top. Hush also felt like more of a platform to showcase Jim Lee's art than tell an intricate story. You can also see the ending coming a mile away, whereas the last few pages of Halloween genuinely surprised me.

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Nolan's trilogy isn't without its flaws, but it's still one of the best damn trilogies of our lifetime. Nolan's trilogy changed comic book movies. Heck, it changed regular movies. You can't expect all the keyboard warriors that inhabit this site to appreciate or even understand this. Facts are facts though. And the fact of the matter is, even despite its departures from the source material, there hasn't been a more reverent handling of Batman's character in the live action setting than in Nolan's version.

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I never tried it. Is it any good?

If I was on a desert island and could only subscribe to 2-3 books. This would be one of them.

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Morrison has had much better stuff than R.I.P.

All-Star on the other hand, was one of his best works.

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While the arguments are always enjoyable to read on these threads, I just can't bring myself to respect an outcome like this. The few who have actually read both characters, not just "researched" them for the sake of this thread, would overwhelmingly pick X-O as the victor here.

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@grenadeflow: ... Strange dosnt show up for me

The only Adam West related show streaming on Netflix was the full-length feature film, Batman: The Movie. It seems to have been taken off as a streaming option recently though. This article refers to the whole TV series, which is not on Netflix and never was.

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@vance_astro: Mostly Batman related books. Some Justice League, Flash, and greater universe event-based books. Also have enjoyed Vertigo titles like 100 Bullets and Fables.

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@vance_astro: A lot of DC. Some Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men. I've read DD's older Frank Miller stuff, but it felt pretty dated (it actually was, by the time I got around to it).

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@vance_astro: Yeah, the avatar will probably skew the results. LOL. Truthfully I don't have much preference. I'm pretty new to both properties when it comes to the comics. Still, I'm enjoying the hell out of 'em both.