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@capuga: Picked up like 50 issues during a Comixology sale a little while ago. About to start issue 60, and I must say...I'm hooked. It's a fantastic love letter to super hero comics that gets many of the little things right, while also making fun of the stupid things that pop up in the medium also.

I said hello to Ryan Ottley at Comic Con a few weeks ago, and had him sign a picture for me. Told him I'd be a reader for life.

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The ass beats Bats to a bloody pulp and then lays a fart in his face while making a disparaging remark. Geoff Johns, is that you?

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Enjoyed this a lot. Maybe not completely true to the comic iterations, but I walked away very satisfied. Probably enjoyed Spader's Ultron more than any other Marvel movie villian not named Loki.

I have to ask though, was anyone else disappointed by Hulk's showing in the Hulkbuster fight?

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Ledger won't be topped, but he doesn't have to be.

As long as this Joker feels like the Joker, I won't care how young and wild they try to make him. I will say it does feel strange they're making Joker like this when they're giving us a Batman in the twilight of his career.

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Looks a bit boring.

Yeah, sadly it doesn't look to offer anything we haven't already seen. I'll probably wait and see what the critic consensus is. If it doesn't crack the 85% threshold on RT, it'll probably remain a Redbox option for me.

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This community has so many self-imagined hipsters, that it's actually more hipster to be optimistic about something.

I'm not expecting this to top The Dark Knight, but it doesn't need to. I'm just looking forward to a fun movie, and I think we're going to get one here.

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I wish Valiant all the success they can get. They make the industry better as a whole. And their stuff is lights-out good. Exclusive Big 2 readers will never understand.

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Ten Nights of the Beast was one of the first Batman stories I ever owned. Probably one of the best Batman tales from the 80s. Still one of my favorites. It also showed us a Batman that wasn't opposed to employing darker methods to finish a job (an approach I still feel makes more sense for the character at large). And yes, the KGBeast hasn't got the props he's deserved since that amazing introduction.

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Hey Viners!

Finally after all this time, I'm now in a position to go to a Comic Con (Emerald City) for the first time. I'm quite excited, but I want to ensure I make the most of my experience. Here's some of my high-level goals at the moment:

Goal 1: Get an artist sketch (or two) -I've been reading some advice on the internet about this. Just curious if anyone has any stories about how to do this tactfully and successfully. I guess I don't mind paying artists for their sketches, if it's something I want bad enough.

Goal 2: Get a signed picture/poster from someone that’s cool (probably a writer) - There's a number of writers I'd like to talk to and thank. I'm not exactly sure what to have them sign though. I have a few graphic novels I could bring, but they're kind of battered at this point. Most of my comics are now in a digital format so I imagine I'll have to get something tangible for them to sign. My question is this: is there stuff most are selling at their tables that you can purchase and then have signed or should I think harder about having something to bring with me?

Goal 3: Pick-up some exclusive swag -Ok, this is easy right? I can tell now that my wallet is going to be significantly lighter after I leave this place.

Goal 4: Attend some informative workshop that speaks on improving your craft - It's kind of a dream of mine to independently publish a comic book. I've got a basic story worked out in my head, but I'm definitely not an illustrator and will need to collaborate with someone on that front. I'm excited to see there's a number of workshops offered that touch upon creating your own content. I plan on attending one or two of these.

As a side note, I probably won't go to any publisher panels because I'm not a once-a-week kind of buyer who's familiar with the latest stories. For example, Batman is one of my favorite books but Zero Year is the latest thing I've read from that. I tend to buy my issues in clusters. 8-10 issues at a time, once an entire arc or two is over.

Goal 5: Play a game of some kind (role playing preferred) - This isn't really comic-related, but I noticed a lot of board game and RPG vendors like Wizards of the Coast will be there. I've never played a session of D&D or anything like that, but I've greatly enjoyed the computer games based on the same property (Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale). I figured I'd take an hour or two at the end of the day and try it out. Any advice beforehand of what I can do to have a more enjoyable time? Newbie tips, etc.?

Well that's it. If there's any other advice you can give, I'd appreciate it. I opted sharing a bunch of info up front, 'cause I figured I'd get more pointed/specific responses. If you have any questions though let me know. Hope to see some of you there and thanks in advance!