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Is it too much to ask to see Wasp in the show?

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@kennyshat: I'd have never thought of Flash that way, but you are completely correct. We see in comics what we wish we could be, and the fact that Peter Parker was tormented by dickheads like Thompson make Spidey's amounting to greatest even better. I think that even though Flash Thompson was never a "Spider-man villain" he was one of the most important characters that connected Peter with the readers. Really good submission man.

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To me, The Chameleon has the greatest origin, upbringing, and relationship with Spider-man. He grew up with an irrational love/hate for his severely abusive brother (Kraven the Hunter) which led to his amazing skills of disguise. Chameleon has an interesting family story arc with Kraven as well as a fun to watch series of interactions with Spidey. He is also quite literally the first of Spider-man's villains. He has been fighting Peter Parker since issue 1 and now each time he returns it just gets better and better. Marvel should take his unique set of skills and continuously use him to test other heroes. I would personally love to see a long and dark story arc between The Chameleon, Kraven the Hunter, and Wolverine. It would be immensely exciting to read, and I feel that any comic fan would be able to love something like that. The Chameleon will always be my favorite Spider-man villain, and he deserves to be taken as seriously as Magneto to the X-Men. He has every desirable quality in a classic comic book villain. From a motives and origin stand-point, he is hands down the best of Spider-man's lethal foes.