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I appreciate the THOUGHT of cos-play, all of the art, imagination, and creativity that go into it, but I don't think I'd ever participate. It's like adult Halloween or a daytime costume ball and I've never done Halloween costumes and what not. That being said, I respect those, like my man here, who do a realistic job of replicating the character (within their means), not just turn themselves into a parody of the character. It takes drive to do that...especially when people WILL criticize it both outside AND inside of the genre.

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Incredible art.

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Agnes did her thing on this one. Basically the same concept as most of the other artists (having Spider-Man shooting webbing), but the execution surpassed theirs in my opinion. She's locked in and owns her particular style. It would be great to see more females incorporated into this kind of challenge. Watching so many artists approach to the same task had me imagining what I would have tried or thought of right there on the spot. Pressure. Well, 'fun' pressure.

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The Captain America with Sharon Carter is the absolute best to me. I love the perspective, the blur in it, but the kicker to me is the capture of their facial expressions. Golden!!!!