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@CircularLogic: usually im one of those people that says 'wait for the book' but honestly, i agree with you. Lobdell is not someone to place a bet on, seeing as you'll lose every time.

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Batman, Punk Rock Jesus, Batgirl, All New X-men

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Sorry, but I'm not going to miss Morrison on anything. Him leaving Action is a good thing. Yes, his writing isn't for everyone but if you want to pull readers in, don't write for only a few people who are obviously your fanbase. Write for everyone to enjoy your stories. The whole discontinuing story to tell things backwards and then jumps through time and dimensions and then back again to say a word that connects it all together but also this guy is the devil but really isn't the devil but an immortal from an alien planet just doesn't work for most people. I'm glad his end is coming sooner rather than later.

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I do think its worth giving it a chance. I wasn't a big fan of Vol. 1 myself, but this one caught my attention. Is it worth $25? No, but I think its worth checking out at a library or when it comes down in price.

Also, Superman gets a lot of flake for having an emo personality compared to older incarnations, but its how the typical outsider in todays world would react to everything around him when he has no one to share his life with? This is something vol.2 explores to some degree.

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Slott still on board? I'll pass! I don't like him at all. His run on Amazing Spider-man is extremely mediocre.

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I cant wait for this. If there's one comic I plan on buying this week, its this one.

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I do believe they mentioned the Justice League in one of the issues when someone made the comment about Diana having powerful friends.

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They keep giving this guy projects like he's their best writer and he isn't even in their top five so why does he keep getting books? He's barely good. He's like right in the middle of the 'okay' column!

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If anything, Hope has the right to burn Scarlet Witch for what she's done. All of this is her fault with pushing mutants into desperation and putting Scott in the position he's in. ITS ALL HER FAULT and yet the Avengers forgive her and allow her to be on her team like she did nothing at all? B.S.!!

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Wonder Woman, Justice League, Spider-men, Nightwing, and Star Wars: Darth vader and the ghost prison are my picks for the week