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I liked the book. And all the hate lobdell gets I'm sure is because to moaning tim drake fans and people who just jump on the band wagon.

Um no. have you actually taken a literature class or anything? Lobdell's writing is very bad. and whats bad about it is that usually it all feels like he has no direction for his stories. its clear that plot and dialogue is made up as he goes along. Moreso, every character is contrived. Clark comes off as a good hearted person but then he turns around is a complete douche to everyone as superman. it makes no sense.

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Now Lori is gone she's become the most annoying character. Then again I've begged for her death since season 2 where as with Lori I grew tired of her in season 3

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I hope it doesn't ship twice a month. it gets hard to keep up with titles when they ship twice monthly. I hope they just keep it at once!

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#1 Batman

#2 Punk Rock Jesus

#3 Wonder Woman

4 All New X-men

5 Aquaman

Best storyline : Court of Owls

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Say what you will about Lobdell, he knows how to hype his books. My problem with him is in the execution of his stories. He makes bad calls when it comes to where they go and it just leads me to not enjoy them.

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This is what I want to see in my Superman movies....

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I hate this story arc. I know its opinion but the fact that people say its good drives me crazy. Lobdell is a hack and Defalco is no better on his Superboy run. The only book that makes this story interesting is Supergirl. Thats been consistently good. But the writing in Superboy and Superman suck big time.

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Agreed. The thing that sparked in my mind firsrt from 13 was that it felt too close to a Spider-man book and not a very good one. Superman felt very condescending in that movie as if he was more or less above humanity rather than being part of it. Its why most of the Superman stories lately have felt off. He's either too passive about things around him or he seems like humanity doesn't matter too much.

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@Zeeguy91: Yeah. Morrison fans don't allow you to think there's no other good books out there as they tell you that he's the best period. But its not just fans but also websites like Comicvine and ign that swears he's the best ever.I know I have my issues with him but really I try to get into his work and its not that great. Furthermore, I feel like his character work isn't that great as characters are vastly different from issue to issue.