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I really wish Rocafort's art wasn't wasted on Lobdell's crap writing

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East of West



New Avengers

Uncanny X-men

Justice League of America

Jupiter's Legacy

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Only getting Wonder Woman and Justice League this week

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another 5 issues to go and im telling you im getting very annoyed with the pacing of this whole story. and really the world is really gone and these guys want to debate on whats morally right? give me a break

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Good actress and a good pick. She can play a hardcore character and can also do her own stunts and be very physical. Gamora? Perfect casting!

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Why doesn't Marvel just do a full on animated movie than the motion comics? its annoying

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@mezmero said:

For some reason this sounds way more enticing than a Justice League movie.

Thats what happens when you have someone who is passionate about what they write and not just trying to slap something together with a big name on it. This is something DC really needs right now, but they more than likely won't bite because they'll claim they don't get it.

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I have a hard time believing this will ever be green lit. WB doesn't take a lot of chances on things outside of the big two, so while I would love to see it, i'll make sure I don't hold my breath of this ever seeing the light of day.

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All New X-men

Green Arrow

Action Comics

Swamp Thing

Animal Man

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I'm not going to dive into the whole Andrea thing but I will jump in on the conversation about Carl and shooting Jody: He was right to do it. Look, when I tell you to drop your weapon, just put it down. Its already hard for me to swallow that you showed up to the prison to kill me and my group, so me giving you a chance to drop the weapon is being nice. The fact that he didn't, and moved in while acting like he was doing so would have made me soot him too.

Also, the whole bringing back other people thing made no sense to me. I'm with Carl here as well. Look, its hard keeping people alive in the small group we have, but bringing in more people who don't or cant fight to stay alive makes this a bad decision. Much like the Crawford story in the video game, this is how I would probably run things if I were in that situation. If you can't pull your weight, how can I look out for myself if you plan on doing nothing?

This was a disappointing ending to a good season though. Kind of wanted us to wrap everything up to get to a new story but alas, I guess we are stuck at that damn prison.