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A moment before the fight starts Batman realizes if he wants to beat bane, superman, and flash he will need to set traps. For chance against superman he wears a full body led costume and 4 kryptonite ring. For bane he plans on getting him tied up so he can quickly cut the tube(s) giving bane the venom. For flash he plans on setting up trip wires all around the battle field(Gotham)(BTW batman is fighting these people because superman turned evil by some black Kryptonite, and flash is being mind control by POISON IVY in hopes of taking out batman and anyone in his way. For Bane....... he is evil so why not.) DURING THE FIGHT: Batman comes well prepared for the brawl. Bane becomes the first one out when flash quickly run towards him and rip out the tube the he try to kill him but batman use his bat-claw to pull him away from bane then batman runs away in a straight line then flash runs after him but trips because of batman trap.Then the knock out gas was about to knock him out but flash quickly spins around to blow the gas away. Then he try to get to batman but Superman charges at flash quickly and flash flies into a wall then superman freeze him and then try to punch him in attempt to break flash into a billion pieces.However batman comes out of the shadows with green kryptonite and bring superman to his knees. Then he starts punching superman in a attempt to knock him out. and it works . Next batman cures superman from the black kryptonite and arrest BANE and unfreeze flash and cure him from Poison ivy affects. Then superman, batman, flash go to a restaurant an chat . Flash, and superman ask batman how did he win and Batman just tells them .....CAUSE I'M BATMAN. (THE only reason batman is in this fight is because batman would never let a fight like this happen.)

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@TheWitchingHour: forgot all about him

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which one

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everybody just take a guess or make up one