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I won't really miss G I Combat but I heard that Frankenstein is being cancelled which is one of the best things DC are doing. If you haven't already you should check out I Vampire it has been consistly great with amazing art. I wouldn't worry too much about Booster, it looks from the JLI annual like he'll play a big part in the Trinity War event.

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It is a pretty stinky list no doubt but seeing good mainstream superhero movies of any kind is a relatively recent event. Like you I would struggle to think of ten and for me most of them would be the recent efforts from Marvel. It doesn't say much that in an industry dominated by men we have so few good films with a male protaganist. As it is I just don't think the source material is there to make many good films with female leads. Warner bros. seem particulary useless at making anything good from their properties, I'm thinking more Green Lantern than Batman Begins and any attempt by them to make a Wonder Woman or Catwoman movie probably wouldn't even make that list.

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@Gordon Kelly: I liked that stuff too but I also think they were of their time and people just aren't that interested now when they don't have the draw of big name characters. I was pleased to see the return of more unusal titles like Unknown Soldier and War that Time Forgot but to be honest they haven't been that good.

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@Augment: The first issue of Detective was really strong but after that it just gets a bit mediocre, not really bad just average. Joker doesn't feature that heavily, his big return is coming in the next 2 months. Dark Knight is being written by Greg Hurwitz at the minute who is very good so I would definately pick up the last few issues.

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Reynolds is a good choice for Hal Jordan but I still think the film will flop. The reasons I think are more to do with approach to their own creative properties rather than the people playing them. Marvel have been really successful recently at translating their characters to film because they stopped thinking you had to mainstream the product to such an extent that it no longer appealed to comic book fans or the general movie watching public. Marvel believe in their characters now in a way that DC or at least Warner Brothers don't and instead of presenting Hal Jordan as a character people can become invested in they seem to have retreated into trying emulate the Superman movies of the seventies and eighties. I think people will be uninterested in the lead character and just a little confused about what a Green Lantern is meant to be. I really hope I'm wrong as I'm sure lots of other projects depend on this being a success but hopes aren't high. 
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I don't know much about Marvel but Batman and Superman were really popular before any of these villans existed so having a good hero counts for a lot.
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I think it's a fair review. This really should have been a mini as all the books are connected to some degree and reading them now has really taken a lot of the impact out of his big return because we've jumped ahead in the story. This was one of the better books so far but the quality has been poor overall and they should have just shown the characters dealing with his return in their own books at the right time. 
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As far as I know he just writes for the mainstream DC books. He's doing The Atom second feature in Adventure Comics at the minute and it's very good so check that out if you want a sample of his superhero work.
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@Mr_Wayne69 said:
"The issue almost seemed pointless. Good rating though for what it was. "

Agreed. The only thing we learn is that lucifer has left Hades, not much for a full issue. I've enjoyed the JMS run so far but he really needs to pick up the pace.
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Maybe they offer really good pension or medical benefits.