Batman fans: How do you deal with incoherent situations?

  • Before starting for God's shake the title say Batman fan, if you're not or even worst you're a hater Get The F*ck Out Of HERE, I know you have all the freedom to be anywhere, but this isn't a question for you, get it?

As many of you know, till Batman is powerless it's considered one of the most powerful superheroes, thanks to misunderstanding, exaggerate situations and the exaggeration of existing events (in other words a lot of PIS and WIS) leading to the creation of the term "Batgod".

I must admit, till recent run of Snyder on Batman have been wonderfully beautiful, has some incoherent situations as well (like showed on issues #6 and #11)

Usually we Bat-fans are known by react saying "Because he's Batman" a very used phrase also used on many mediums as a joke...........

but something that also is characteristic of comic fans on general it's the love of coherent situations on comics, we know it's fictional but it's "science fiction" so we like to know logical explanations to everything and we have, in the most part of situations, have them: Superman powers given by the exposition to yellow sun, Flash and the Speed Force and many others, and till stills being fiction at least isn't a fantasy at all, it's a bit more logical than fairy tales

But not in Batman, this guy a normal incredibly trained guy has been on situations that, not even been on the peak of human potential, a powerless human could survive, and no I'm sure you don't need examples.

As a Batman fangirl, I have always said "Who cares? He's awesome" but sometimes bothers me a bit :/

As a Batman fan .......... how do you deal with it?


The Violence in Comics: A young teenager point of view

Ok, you as me have to be TOTALLY annoyed by this situation (if you have less than 18) when parents and media puts against comics by their "exaggerate quantity of violence" on this times. I know is a bit too much but NOT that much to affect us

I'm REALLY lucky my mom can't control a computer or she will kill me for reading Batman (current series, read just digital) I ,me as many others, grade my mom as neurotic when talking about violence:

  • A few days ago she grabbed me reading Batman Beyond (2011 volume) #1 for the first scene, she gave me a loooong talk about how evil it is, Sh*t she thinks Batman is "diabolic" for he's pointy ears with ones she calls "horns", and the panel had he giving some bad guys punches a you saw some blood splitting of their mouths, I dunno if cry or laugh
  • I grabbed a pack of Batman The Brave and The Bold (thanks God he's ears there, are extremely short) which consisted in: the game for wii (my main care) three DVDs of the cartoon all in a lunchbox and very cheap. We bought it, some days after I left 1° ep. playing and my little sis (3 years) stayed there watching (which I admit is a mistake) but she took it too seriously and said it was "extremely" violent.

So you can guess she's a bit too exaggerate with that little stuff (I know she my mother but that's too far) and as good values and believes I have (for being too young) I can't stay there so I'm going to bring down all that stuff, as much as I know what are the problems and being affected.

  1. They make children insensible to violence on real world: To some point they're right, that made us a bit resistant but in fictional violence talking, and reading comics isn't the same as play violent videogames, in videogames you make the act of violence, in comics you see others making it, and sometimes when you get to deep on your reading you really pain with the guy is being hurt. And as other point I say that comics (Batman is one of my favs.) made me more sensible about guns, not in comics or videogames but I don't think can grab a gun on real life, I have an abhorrence to them.
  2. They teach children than violence is the way to answer the things: And I'm going to quote myself on this, on my first post I said to that " No, heroes protect the ones that can't protect themselves and defeat bad guys that obviously aren't going to give up if you ask them to do that (at least u have mind control powers)" and also what's worst fighting by justice like a hero or fight in a wrestling show that isn't useful for anything (I'm not insulting sometimes wresting can be entreating) And the main one:
  3. Too MUCH Violence in general: Ok I'll answer that with other question "Can't you see the same quantity of violence in news channel and paper? In common life?" And there also you're warned about it (Comics have classification, right?).

I end with that, I know parents are parents they always going to worry about (Happened the same on 80' as I have heard) but please don't make troubles look bigger than what they are.

Oh and for ending I'm 13.


That lil' jerk is breaking my heart (Isn't a love deception)

With the last issue of Batman & Robin and my end-of-year read of Leviathan Strikes; I felt soooo sad, and most weirdly, I feel bad of Damian. Yeah is a f*cking little jerk and a son of a b*tch (literally), the opposite of our "perfect" concept of Dick as Robin but now I'm feeling bad for he

Why: When he meet his father, everybody saw he with a bad feeling (and he tried to kill Tim and hurted Alfred wich not helped).... then, his grandfather Ra's Al Ghul tried to "transfer" he into Damian's body (not a good thing), in Leviathan Strikes his Mom put a price on his head and now working with his father... well that makes things worst.

My conclusion

Poooor Lil' guy!!! :'(


Hotness sells more??? or why they do that?!?

Ok, a few weeks ago I asked a friend if she knew a ugly superhero, she just know the basic stuff so she tell me that she doesn't knew anybody, that all superheros she knew were handsome guys. Days ago I were looking for Young Justice stuff and I found a video where was many a lot of commentaries about the much of hot that Robin is.

Like the stereotype says, comics (and other superhero stuff) are just for boys, I hate stereotypes, but a big part follow them and keep away from that kind of stuff for don't look "tomboyish". So why they do that? why do they "make" superheros so handsome? to attract female audience? or what other reason?

I don't have any idea, the only explanation I can think on is for selling more or attracting female audience

Why I just can think on it: Easy, experience. When I started to read comics (long history) I found myself reading Red Robin for "tie up loose ends" on my little mental time line and I end reading it because Tim was sooo handsome. And I saw Smallville just for Tom Welling.

Anyway What other reason have they? Satisfy gay audience? (nah just kidding) Impulse girls to broke stereotypes? Why?


Is really a good idea?

Ok, everybody or at least the most part of us wanted to be a superhero at some moment of our life, but is really a good idea?

For start we say one thing and we think in other, when you say superhero you think in the super-powers not in the fact of save people maybe in kick bad guys' asses but most in the powers. Well now lets change it and say you want to have superpowers (though is most a dream) but now...

What about "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"? In the case u follow the phrase "values" u will become a superhero, And there's when you found yourself trapped in some "cliche" situations that superheros confront:

  • Your life or your job: Damn that always happen the villain kidnap a person you care with some "job" partner, put them in some kind of trap in that you just can save one and ask you Who you will save? The hero always find the way to save the two and defeat the bad guy in a few moves but you can do the same? A good example: And thy can do it knowing or don't knowing your secret identity...

Then here comes the feelings with horrible options:

  • Say her/him your secret identity - Putting your love in a huge danger
  • Keep lying to she/he - Thing that is very hurting or
  • Leave her/him - Risk your personal life for your "job" thing that with time will drive you to end mad
  • Leave your "job" for she/he - Thing for what your conscience would bother you the rest of you live till you return

With anything you choose you'll be uncomfortable so be sure you aren't going to fall in love and then comes...

  • The "Public Enemy" thing: when a villain or somebody else convince your city that you're a "menace" for the society and put everybody against you.

And if they reveal in public your secret identity... well there's a reason why superheros make one if they didn't resulted affected with don't have one, they didn't have it so...

  • Non-intentional identity revealed in public = HUGE trouble

And at least you have invulnerably take in count the medical bill or better get a insurance but in the two cases be sure it will hurt and add to that the balance you have to keep between job/school, personal life and your special "job"

So now looks like and horrible "job" the answer to our question is = NO It's not a good idea, but if you still wanted to....

Good Luck, You're going to need it.


Really? Are u kidding me? Is that even real?

Those were my thoughts when my mom told me (by first time) that "superhero stuff is a bad influence" and many other for her friends say the same.

For me is pure prejudice and bad reputation they have of that.

The reputation of:

  • Saying that the violence is the way to solve everything - No, they protect the ones that can't protect themselves and defeat bad guys that obviously aren't going to give up if you ask them to do that (at least u have mind control powers)
  • Lying at the people u love is fine - No isn't fine, but they lie to protect them, yeah because they love their friends and family to support they fall in danger situations
  • And that heroes like Batman send the message that everybody can do that dangerous stuff - Of course... if u have tons of money, years of training and a really painful reasons for doing that, then you can do the same as Batman :D


Because I learned a lot of good stuff of their comics and cartoons and especially moral stuff:

And if isn't enough a superhero teach u many things

  • Aquaman (recently) Taught me that have patience with the ones who insult you is hard (and more when u have powers) but isn't impossible
  • Nightwing Taught me that you have to take the bull by the horns in other words accept the situation and confront it
  • Red Robin Taught me that you must have hope and faith in your beliefs though the world say you are crazy still believing that (not the same as being stubborn)

The cartoons taught u other basic things (ok, I'm too tired to write that)

I know u can learn that in other places but that proof that comics and the other stuff isn't useless at all, you end learning something but in a exciting way.

PD: I'm sorry if I got mistakes, I still learning english