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@mudamudamuda: wow, it didn't take me that long, but I've got you figured out. After observing you in several threads it appears your goal is to provoke or incite a flame war amongst DB battle threads. Which in turn would mean the permanent banishment of db vs on CV. Why? I don't know, perhaps it is just in the nature of trolls to ruin things for everyone else. For this reason I am flagging you, and I would advise others to do the same so those who would like to debate can do so in peace. Don't worry you're not the only one of your kind, so not 100% of the blame falls on you.

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@mudamudamuda: if we're going to play that game then ou post scans of Naruto and or sasuke sealing someone as powerful as goku.

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@mudamudamuda: IF they can seal someone as powerful as oozaru goku, he'll just destroy the moon. Simple as that .

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This guy wins. Via decades worth of feats.

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Fight takes place in Asgard.

W n by death, k.o., or BFR

In character

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This is the same Waly that was tussling with Zoom making the rest of he JL look like statues? (Albeit Zoom was holding back)

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Not sure how this would help, kinda a cool power for show I guess. :/

I could prob beat her with this but I'd have to trick her and I'm pretty sure she's too smart.

Another power hat won't help much, really just for show.

This would definitely help me out in the prep department.

I guess this is kinda good. Still not enough though. I'm essentially just below skyfather if not equal to.

Ok, I could combine this with identity dominance and deity physiology to make the weapon very powerful.

Ok, with this I can definitely use this to rule the planet, becoming supreme overall.

During the 3 weeks of prep I work non-stop due to self sustenance as well as zombie physiology. During those 3 weeks I create a weapon army, and give them the knowledge of my name, when they know that I will use identity dominance to make them even more powerful as well as ensure my control over them(they should be pretty powerful considering I created them with essentially the power of a deity) aside from giving the sentient weapon my name and making it more powerful, that is all I do, create a massive army and have them build me a fortress within the 3 weeks because it's cool, and I'll need somewhere to stay when I rules the world. If I fail to trick her into learning my name then my army should take care of her, as well as myself. Long story short the people who watch get what they paid for. In the end I win and use my power and army to take over the earth, and then the solar system, and then the galaxy. It will take time, but due to my physiology I'm virtually immortal. Or we negotiate, and overthrow what large figure pit us against each other and we rule the galaxy together. Either way I win.


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Gray space.

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