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I seriously have no idea on where to begin on joining in on the RPGs, which is something I would very much like to do.

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1. Immutability- The ability to be absolutely immune from any alteration or change by outside force. A sub-power of Omnipotence. A variation of Omnilock.

2. Sense Inducement- The ability to induce sensory effects. Sub-power ofIllusion Manipulation and Sense Manipulation, variation of Inducement.

3. Spatial Tuning- The power to create a field that can banish or switch spaces, create paradoxes, and warp reality inside of it. Variation of Spatial Manipulation and technique of Space Generation.

I say I clear with relative ease.

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@dshipp17: It's Paul Hewitt, we just called him Hawaii guy while I was in school so I just thought envy one knew him by that.

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Ok, I know a pretty decent amount about electricity and stuff. So here's my question: Why are electrical fences and the like, able to seriously if not fatally injure you?

I ask this question because I was watching a old vid on electricity(it was by Hawaii Guy) he was talking about currents and stuff, and got into a story of how you could stand on the center rail of a subway(the rail charged with electricity) without getting electrocuted because of the current and all, just so long as you don't touch the ground and the center rail simultaneously, since electricty's main goal is to return to the earth and be grounded.

With that in mind, why wouldn't someone be able to scale an electrified fence with the same result. I mean all one should be able to do to safely scale the electric fence is just hop onto it and jump off on the other side. Is this at all possible? Did I just accidentally figure out how to escape YDC?

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In the gym with: a black polyester venom t-shirt, khakis, and year old black and white air(in case someone wanna @$&! around and get dunked on)

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@johnnyz256: if you had God's power I don't think durability would be a issue if you got God speed. Which I'm almost certain is instantaneous or bordering.

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@comicsrulebutdbzdoes2: I think sentry takes this, but I'm pretty sure he said thankyou because WWH allowed him to go all out.

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God took a break and let Bruce take his place granting all the powers(and limitations) of the Almighty. He's certainly got the power, feat wise he did grant the prayers of all praying people at once. If Bruce knows who Lucifer is he should have this rather handily, I don't see any reason why he wouldn't know, Jesus knew Satan just from his presence. Honestly, a lot of you are hyping Lucifer WAY too much(the whole tricks and stuff), all he would have to do is get rid of lucifer on the spot. The bible tells you how to deal with satan and his minions. The key to getting past Lucifer's tricks, is to simply not listen; according to the bible. Probably why Jesus is always telling him to silence. How could Lucifer trick him(or anyone) if you take him out before he even opens his mouth.