Tab's X-Men Dream Teams

Note: I'm still catching up on everything, so if something's not right or I made a mistake, let me know. Especially since I've been reading everything pretty much all at once, so it's possible I've gotten something mixed up lol.

I'm not sure how exactly these teams would be formed just yet. If I think of something I'll edit the list to reflect it.

X-Men: I would have two classic X-Men teams. In choosing them I though about who I liked to read about, who I liked leading, and the interactions of the personalities and powers. So in the first team we've got the leader, the infiltrator, the hitter, the field manipulator, the wild card, and the transport/wild card. In the second team we've got the leader, the wildcard, the distraction/hitter, the ambusher, the infiltrator, and the hitter.

X-Men Team 1 = numbers 1 through 6

X-Men Team 2 = numbers 7 through 12

X-Force: I wouldn't have X-Force be two separate teams like this most of the time, like for the X-Men. Ideally, who went where on what mission would depend (obviously), on the mission, which is why I don't have two team leaders but one leader and then a second in command. But I general, this is how I'd separate the teams, and it's based mainly on their abilities. I'm thinking maybe I should have put Elixir on the team with Domino, X-23, Archangel and Deadpool (lol), and then put Dead Girl in his place, but I don't know... it doesn't really matter because I see them more as one team. With Elixir, Wolverine, and Moonstar occasionally joining X-Men, and X-23, Boom Boom, and Domino occasionally joining X-Factor. Leaving Warpath (who I'd see as 3rd in command), AoA Nightcrawler, Archangel, Deadpool, Sunspot, and Dead Girl being left as the "go-to" gang for X-Force.

X-Force Team 1 = numbers 13 through 18

X-Force Team 2 = numbers 19 through 24

X-Factor: The current line-up I don't mind, but I'd like to see some different people on the team. A mixture of these mutants, coming and going, or setting up a sort of east coast and west coast X-Factor. I chose them for how their abilities could assist in investigations - decoys, strength, speed, shielding, finding people, enhanced senses (for eavesdropping for example), time control, intelligence, mind control, disguise, infiltration and reconnaissance, assistance when needed, connections, various skills and backgrounds for use in investigations, and escape assistance. Also there a few I felt could do with being on X-Factor, like Hellion and Skids... they need something new lol

X-Factor Team 1 = numbers 25 through 30

X-Factor Team 2 = numbers 31 through 36

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The teams are pretty good, but the list is a lot of reading. It might work best to break this into three list. Do one for the two X-Men teams, one for the two X-Force, and one for the two X-Factor. I think having the three list would make this flow easier. Other then that good job on the list!

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Great List!!

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@Chesapeake: Thank you!! I put a ridiculous amount of thought into them haha

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Awesome list - love the information and wow - the time and thought put into it. :)

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Hmmm i find this list.....4.5 out of 5. you have been rated. based on the fact that many of the team members i would have used for my team and this makes sense. good use of the characters.

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I really love this all but... where is Mimic :(